Junior/Young Rider and Children on Horses selection criteria

  • 20 October 2014, 11:11

Junior/Young Rider and Children on Horses selection criteria

Selection Criteria

The following sets out the selection criteria. It is an indication of the factors the High Performance Coach (HPC) intends to take into account when selecting horse and rider combinations for Irish teams. It is up to the HPC to attach what he sees as the appropriate weighting to each area.  It is the prerogative of the HPC to update or review this document at any time.


These criteria will be used when selecting the Irish team and riders for the European Championships. Selection for other international shows which are used as preparation for these championships will be based on similar criteria. However, the primary reason for going to these shows is in preparation for the Championships and therefore the HPC may not necessarily bring the best available team or riders but those who he feels will benefit most from additional international experience or those he wants to see competing at that level before making his selection decision for the European Championships.


Performance record/form

The current form of the horse and rider at a similar level to what they will face at the championships will be a significant factor in selection decisions. However, past performance in a similar environment to what the combination is being considered for will also be deemed relevant.


Rider experience and performance record

The experience the rider has at the level for which the team is being selected.


Horse experience and performance record.

The experience the horse has at the level for which the team is being selected.


Arena conditions

The suitability of the conditions for the horse and rider being considered. This can include the surface on which the competition is taking place, the size of the arena, the proximity of the arena to other activities that could effect horse concentration and other factors that can impact on jumping conditions. Jumping.


Course dimensions

The dimensions and design of the course likely to be used for the event along with the various types of obstacles that may be used


Horse and rider fitness

Both horse and rider must be fully fit to compete at the Championships. In particular the horse should be at peak fitness to compete over the full length of the championships and to be able to cope with travelling to a championship.


Likely rider contribution to team spirit

The HPC has to select a team to jump for Ireland. Having a focused and positive attitude within the team is important. Accordingly the manager may factor in how any group of riders that he selects might operate as a team.


Rider commitment to the programme

The Team Manager has to plan for the year. There will be a need for riders to make an effort to make themselves available when requested. In addition, riders may be asked to campaign their horse to a particular plan as recommended by the HPC. The HPC may factor in the level of commitment shown by the rider to the programme into his selection decision.


Championship factors

The Championships take place abroad. This places an additional travel burden on the horse in addition to them competing in a more regulated environment. The HPC may factor in how these challenges will impact on the form of the Horse and rider.

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