Note from Junior Team Manager before Tattersalls

  • 20 May 2014, 14:52

Trot Up

Smart dress. No denim or pumps.

Boys: blazer, shirt & tie with chinos

Girls: smart blouse jacket/cardigan and trousers.

Wear sturdy shoes, not too high a heel. You must be able to run easily.

Horse plaited and in bridle with number on horse and rider.

This is your first opportunity to meet and impress your ground jury. Be pleasant and polite. Be punctual, around 15 mins before your number.


Team Vet

Will Lalor will be in attendance on Friday. All Irish junior horses will be required to attend a junior trot up (unofficial) on Friday eve post XC. All clay etc should be washed off. If horses need treated, Will can advise and administer if necessary. He is there to help!


Terry Boon

Terry will be on site from Tuesday  late morning. If you wish for him to work with you on the run up to your test, it is your responsibility to contact him and organise. (07713 245323) This is not compulsory.

A XC course walk will be arranged (probably Wednesday) for all juniors with Terry. Minute markers will be given by Debbie. Time will be confirmed nearer the time


Debbie will be on site from Tuesday morning and staying on site. (If you have any queries do not hesitate in contacting me, or finding me. I am there to help!)


Dressage tails are not compulsory for dressage, but secured hard hats are.

Prior to XC you will be required to hand in your medical arm band for inspection at the office. Remember to pick it up on Thursday evening.


Passports will be taken from you on arrival by the vet, who will inspect your horse/s before allowing you to enter the stables. (Make sure all vaccinations have been marked in correctly). Be polite and pleasant with the stable manager, you never know when you require a favour or help.

Remember to pick up your passports at the end of your competition before you leave.


Ian Fearon

Ian will be on site on Friday evening. If the SJ track is ready, a course walk will be arranged with Ian on Friday evening. If not he will course walk straight after Saturday trot up. SJ dress is compulsory for Saturday course walk. If you wish for Ian to warm you up, you must arrange this with him (087 660 2477).


General Behaviour

This is a junior trial, and should be treated with such importance. The intake of alcohol is not recommended. You can be breathalysed at any point once your competition commences and can be eliminated if found to be over the limit. You can party after the competition is over for you (hopefully celebrate!).


Please enjoy the whole experience! Don’t be afraid to ask questions (no matter how trivial or silly they sound)

I want to wish you all the best of luck, this is the first major goal for the year!


Good luck


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