Pony Dressage High Performance assessment training days Oct 2014

  • 13 October 2014, 15:41

Please be advised that Anne Marie Dunphy will hold Pony Dressage High Performance assessment and training days in Spruce Lodge on Thursday, 30th of October and Friday, 31st of October.


The Pony Dressage High Performance selection criteria is as following.


Qualifying criteria for inclusion on the Horse Sport Ireland Pony Dressage Squad is based on the current level that an athlete is competing in the current year. For 2015, Pony Dressage will comprise of a High Performance Squad and a High Performance Development Squad. All squad athletes will receive subsidized training and mentoring with the High Performance Manager.


High Performance Squad – Athletes who are competing at medium level, have achieved 65% plus nationally and are either competing at or aiming shortly for international level.


High Performance Development Squad – Athletes working and competing at preliminary, novice and elementary levels and working towards medium level with a view to progressing to international level. Athletes must produce two scores of 60%-65% or more at medium Level to progress to the High Performance Squad.


Athletes will be monitored throughout the season by the High Performance Manager. In the event that an athlete meets the qualifying criteria during the season, the Athlete must apply with relevant score sheets to the High Performance Manager for upgrading.  Athletes must be aware that they will be moved up, down or off the previous squad lists based on their results in 2015 and at the discretion of the High Performance Manager. To remain on the squad riders must show commitment to the HP program.


Parents are requested to bring a current measuring cert for their ponies and there will be a €30 training fee per pony as well as a €30 stabling /facilities fee per pony attending those days.


Anyone fitting the selection criteria and wanting to join those two days please contact Susan Killilea via mail at skillilea@horsesportireland.ie or phone on 045-854507 by Thursday, 23rd of October the latest.



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