Pony Eventing Selection Criteria 2016

  • 18 January 2016, 11:41



Team Manager: Becky Cullen beckycullen123@gmail.com 004479 76 071222

Show Jumping Coach: Tom Doherty tomdoherty116@hotmail.com 004478 02 515678

Dressage Coach: Sue Smallman 00353 877996189

Team Vet: Con Kennedy ratoathvet@eircom.net 00353 1 8256213

HSI Administrator: Aileen Cartwright acartwright@horsesportireland.ie 00353 45 854530


In relation to squad selection, three places on the pony squad will be ‘won’ based on the 4 lowest aggregate scores from the 7 designated events below.

  • Tyrella 1 – 26th March
  • Millstreet 2 – 3rd April
  • Ballindenisk International – 22nd – 24th April
  • Glenpatrick – 21st May
  • Tattersall International – 1st – 5th June OR Hopetoun International 17th – 19th June
  • Kilguilkey International – 2nd – 3rd July
  • Ballinamona – 17th July

The lowest four scores, subject to the following will be used to establish the rankings:

  • The combinations score in Tattersall’s/Hopetoun must be one of the four counting scores
  • At least one more of the four counting scores must be from an International event (Ballindenisk or Kilguilkey)
  • In the case where a combination does not compete at any of the designated events or does not complete the event or finishes on a score of 100 or more, they will be allocated a finishing score of 100. (Appendix A – sample of scoring system)
  • In the event that one of the designated events is cancelled the lowest four scores from a possible six will count subject to the conditions above. In the event that two of the designated events are cancelled the lowest three scores from a possible five will count.
  • In the event of athlete’s finishing on equal scores a back count of show jumping clears from amongst the four counting scores will be counted, if still tied a further count of x country penalties and finally dressage score.

The first three combinations in the rankings will be allocated a place on the European Championship squad in Aarhus subject to them maintaining fitness and form up to the championship and complying with all requests of the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe.

These places will be allocated after Ballinamona. Following this allocation three additional combinations plus reserves will be selected by the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe.

These rankings will not carry to Aarhus. Following arrival in Aarhus, the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe will select the four combinations to compete for Ireland in the team competition from amongst the six that travel as part of the squad.

For the avoidance of doubt the top three combinations from the selection system will be allocated places on the travelling squad of six

The full squad of six combinations and two reserves will be announced after Ballinamona (top three from the selection process, team manager’s selection of three + two non-travelling reserves **). All combinations in contention will be expected to compete at Ballinamona 17th July, the HPM does however reserve the right to excuse any combination from competing

**The manager will make a decision on the remaining three places plus the two reserves based on the following criteria


  • Performance of the combination during 2016, with particular emphasis on form in the lead up to selection
  • The Team veterinarians opinion on the likely ability of the pony to cope fully with the three day test posed by a European championships
  • The riders previous performances at European championship level
  • The rider and their support teams ability to operate as part of a team
  • The commitment of the rider and their support team to the High Performance Programme
  • In the case of the 6th place (2nd individual), if the rider is eligible for pony selection for the following year this may be taken into account with a view to giving such a combination championship experience.




After the combinations have been selected they must retain fitness and form. If the Team Manager has any concerns about this the combination may be asked to compete at a specified competition, attend for schooling or be required to present their horse for veterinary assessment. If there are any concerns about the fitness of the rider they may be asked to attend for medical assessment by a doctor or Physio. If the Team Manager is not satisfied that the combination is fit to compete at the level on which their selection was based they can call up a reserve in their place.


All ponies who intend to travel to the EU CH must be measured by HSI’s pony team veterinarian Con Kennedy. Con Kennedy’s decision on measuring is final.

All combinations in contention will be expected to appear for a final run at a venue stated by the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe unless explicitly excused by the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe.

Becky Cullen has been appointed as Team Manager/ Chief d’Equipe with Sue Smallman as the Dressage coach and Tom Doherty as the Show Jumping coach.

At this stage it is not intended that Horse Sport Ireland will collect any funding directly from riders by way of a squad levy. Instead riders will be asked to contribute directly towards the cost of training sessions organised by the Team Manager/ Chief d’Equipe.

Please note that while every effort will be made to adhere to the process set out above Horse Sport Ireland can alter it at any time or can choose to abandon it if they consider that to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling to Aarhus. In addition, Horse Sport Ireland in consultation with the Team Manager /Chef d’Equipe can leave any selected rider or pony at home if they consider it to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling.

This document is a draft.  If any parent or coach has a query or proposed change to this, please forward to Triona Connors tconnors@horsesportireland.ie  before Friday 30th January 2016 for consideration.

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