Pony eventing squad selection system 2014

  • 7 March 2014, 23:21

Note: Please click here to see the MER for qualification for the European Pony Eventing Championships in Millstreet as published by the FEI.

In relation to squad selection, three places on the pony squad will be ‘won’ based on a point ranking system covering the following events Tyrella I 29th March 2014 CNCP**, Ballindenisk 11th – 13th April 2014 CCIP** and Tattersalls 28th May – 1st June 2014 CC1* for Ponies.

1. The first three combinations in the rankings will be allocated a place on the European Championship squad in Millstreet 30th July – 3rd August 2014 subject to them maintaining fitness and form up to the championship and complying with all requests of the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe.

2. These places will be allocated after Tattersalls. Following this allocation up to three additional combinations plus reserves will be selected by the Team Manager/ Chef d’Equipe.

3. These rankings will not carry to Millstreet. Following arrival in Millstreet, the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe will select the four combinations to compete for Ireland in the team competition from amongst the six that travel as part of the squad.

4. For the avoidance of doubt the three successful combinations from the points ranking system will be allocated places on the travelling squad of six. Further details of the points system are included as APPENDIX A – Points System 2014.

5. This year, as the host Nation of the European Championships, we have the option to bring a squad of six from which the team of four will be picked, and then up to 6 more individual riders. We will only use these spaces if we have pony/rider combinations of a competitive standard. These will be chosen by the following process:

5a. These spaces will be open to combinations that have achieved the MER for the European Championship by the 29th June 2014 (for 2014 Pony Riders and Ponies must have obtained as a combination a Minimum result at a CCIP2*, CCI1* or CIC1*).
5b. Any combination hoping to be chosen to compete in Millstreet in one of the remaining spaces after the initial 6 squad combinations have been chosen will be expected to compete in Ballinamona on the 29th June 2014. The top finishers from amongst those eligible to compete at Millstreet will be chosen to fill the spaces. The HPM does however reserve the right to excuse any combination from competing at Ballinamona and to allocate them one of the additional places ahead of those who compete at Ballinamona.

6. All ponies who intend to travel to the EU-CH must be measured by HSI’s pony team veterinarian Con Kennedy. Con Kennedy’s decision on measuring is final.

7. All combinations in contention will be expected to appear for a final run at a venue stated by the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe unless explicitly excused by the Team Manager/Chef d’Equipe.

8. Polly Holohan has been appointed as Team Manager/ Chief d’Equipe with Sue Smallman as the Dressage coach and Tom Slattery as the Show Jumping coach.

9. At this stage it is not intended that Horse Sport Ireland will collect any funding directly from riders by way of a squad levy. Instead riders will be asked to contribute directly towards the cost of training sessions organised by the Team Manager/ Chief d’Equipe.

10. Please note that while every effort will be made to adhere to the process set out above Horse Sport Ireland can alter it at any time or can choose to abandon it if they consider that to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling to Millstreet. In addition, Horse Sport Ireland in consultation with the Team Manager /Chef d’Equipe can leave any selected rider or pony at home if they consider it to be in the best interest of the Irish squad travelling.

11. This document is a draft. If any parent or coach has a query or proposed change to this, please forward to Triona Connors tconnors@horsesportireland.ie before Friday 21st March 2014 for consideration.

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