Report on Abbottstown Event 10th May 2015

  • 13 May 2015, 16:28

The Carriage Driving Section of HSI hosted its first indoor/outdoor competition in the National Sports Centre on May 10th, 12 competitors enjoyed a dry but windy day at the fabulous new venue.

Janos, driving Folke Rohrssen’s third horse Vikki won the Novice Horse class from Don Walsh who was driving his young section D Welsh Cob, Rooster. The Novice pony division was easily taken by  Linda Applebe driving her Section C Jack while Brianna O’Slattara aged 10 driving the brown pony from her father Brian’s pony team took second place with Michael Ryan at his first ever competition in third place.

Sara Clinghan driving her new horse Harry in the Open Horse division and Richard Logan, driving the left wheeler from his pony team in the Open Pony division were unchallenged.

Unusually the multiple class was the strongest class of the day with the Rohrssens bringing their two horse pairs with which they hope to represent Ireland at the World Pair Championships in Hungary, plus John with his exciting diminutive, (all under 12.2hh), pony team and Brian O’Slattara with a pair of his Connemara cross ponies.  Annika Rohrssen decided not to compete in the dressage but instead volunteered to judge this phase so did not have a combined score. The final result was that Folke Rohrssen won with Brian O’Slattara in second place and John Goodwin, who had an exciting round, requiring a course rebuild, coming in third.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with course building and with taking it down again as well as those who stewarded, scored, judged or helped in any way.  The venue attracted high praise from all both for the facilities and the accessibility as well as the help from the staff both on the day and in the lead up.


               Dressage             Obstacles            TOTAL

Novice Horse

Janos:    32.5                     188                       188

Don:      38.5                      189.5                   189.5


Novice Pony

Linda     29.5                      155                      184.5

Brianna 31.5                      190                      221.5

Michael 39.0                      300                      339


Open Horse

Sara       24                          200                       224


Open Pony

Richard 31.5                      153                       184.5



Folke     20                          145                       165

Brian      29                          208                       237

John       35.5                      298                       333.5

Annika                                 156                          –


John Goodwin

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