Riding Clubs raise over €25,000 for charities

  • 14 November 2013, 12:59

CLUBS affiliated to the Association of Irish Riding Clubs have raised in excess of €25,000 for charities all over the country.

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) and Supporting Ovarian Cancer Knowledge (SOCKS) were among the biggest beneficiaries as they received almost 70% of all funds raised.

Cheval Riding Club raised the most for charity over the past three years as the North County Dublin based club contributed over €10,000 to SOCKS.

A.I.R.C. chairman Tony Ennis said, “I highly commend our clubs for their efforts in raising funds for charity’s throughout the country. It’s fantastic to see our clubs supporting deserving causes in their local communities.”

“If other clubs have fundraised for charities make sure to let National Office know and as we publish a full list of contributions onwww.airc.ie,” he added.

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