ShowJumpingIreland reduces registration fees for 2014

  • 19 December 2013, 11:18

SHOWJUMPINGIRELAND has announced a reduction in registration fees for the new season. Most members will be aware of the increase in the SJI Insurance premium in 2013 which led to the scenario where SJI was forced to increase all registration fees.

Over the last 12 months, SJI has worked with their brokers to reduce the premium and along with various other cost saving measures, the Management and Finance Committee are in a position to bring down the cost of registration for animals.

This reduction in registration costs, coupled with the saving generated due to the introduction of the Online Bulletin, which is now free, gives approximately €190,000 back to the members. They will now see reductions of up to €15 on their Animal Registrations for 2014 and these rates are all available on

The Multiple Animal discount, Affiliate discount and Family discounts will all remain in situ for 2014 for the third year.

Chairman of the Management and Finance Committee, Liam Murphy, commented on the new reductions: ‘’I am delighted to be able to announce these reductions for the Registration of Animals in 2014 and along with the Bulletin now being available free of charge online, there is a significant amount being given back to the members for the year ahead.  This is the first phase of further plans to benefit the members which will roll out over the next few years where attractive incentive packages will be part of the new innovations.

‘’I would like to commend all those who were involved in bringing about this situation which has facilitated these reductions.  Finally, I would also like to thank the members of SJI for their support during 2013 and we wish them a successful season in 2014.’’

Tony Hurley, Chairman of ShowjumpingIreland added; ‘’I think the Management and Finance Committee should be commended for these initiatives, which should see some real savings for SJI members over the coming months.’’

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