Silver Spurs assessment days announced

  • 3 March 2013, 14:22
Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs

The Silver Spurs is a scheme, sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland and organised by Dressage Ireland, which aims to identify and develop talented young riders and encourage their progress by awarding training bursaries, giving direction and advice and providing a pathway to help them to develop their training and riding skills in their chosen equestrian discipline.

The Silver Spurs will be run with separate sections for Under 12s, Pony Riders, Juniors and Young Riders (Under 25) and new for 2013 an open U25 class for riders on ponies or horses at medium Dressage level or Horse Eventing *2 star level and for previous winners of the Young Riders Under 25 section.

The top 25% from each age group will be invited to attend a day of competition. At this day, they will be judged using BYRDS rider assessment tests. The use of these tests will help level the playing field between those who have “flashy” horses and those who have inexperienced or less talented mounts, since these tests focus more on the effectiveness and correctness of the rider than on the talent of the horse.

2013 Silver Spurs Assessments Days and Organisers

2nd April

Alison Mastin Moore: Laurel View.

3rd April

Joan Keogh: Spruce Lodge.

27th June

Vida Tansey: Ennis Show Grounds

28th June

Joan Lenihan: Stonehaven Equestrian Centre

Information and entry forms on the Dressage Ireland website

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