HSI/SNI Talent ID Programme

The 2015-2016 Assessment Date for the H.S.I / Sport NI – Talent Development Squad has been set for: Thursday 1st October at Portmore E.C.

If you are interested in attending the above assessment day for a place on this programme please take the time to read the Mission Statement and Programme Content below.

Furthermore, please review the following document which outlines the criteria that must be met by all applicants and contains the 2015/2016 application form :

APPLICATION FORM Horse Sport Ireland/Sport NI Talent Identification Programme 2015-2016

Please direct any queries/applications to the Talent Identification Development Manager

Name: Heather Coyle

E-mail: hcoyle@horsesportireland.ie

Mobile: 087 2269382 or 07711 800869

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Horse Sport Ireland “Talent Development Program” supported by Sport NI is to:

Improve already skilled athletes [Riders] who are aspiring to Senior European Championship Team Level, & to continue training athletes who may have previously been on an underage European Championship Team.

The mission for this Talent Program is to further develop the athlete’s skills and knowledge on their pathway towards future successful International Podium Placing.

The program aims to achieve this by using a team of dedicated Coaches who will work with these athletes throughout their time in the program.

Programme Content:

  • There will be monthly mounted sessions taken by a team of H.S.I Level 2/3 Coaches, who specialise in Dressage, Flat Work and Jumping, throughout the Autumn, Winter & Spring – for all 3 Disciplines.
  • Dressage athletes will have two Individual flat-work sessions per month.
  • Jumping & Eventing athletes will have an Individual Flatwork Session & a 2-1 or 3-1 Jumping session each month.
  • Class-room sessions will be held in the evenings throughout the year, some of which will be covered by Sports Institute N.I. in Jordanstown University Campus, covering;
    1. Media training,
    2. Sports Psychology – Mentoring – Lifestyle Management
    3. Sports Physio – Symmetry, Strength & Conditioning training.
    4. Human Nutrition
  • FEI Vets will cover Doping control policies, soundness issues & general appropriate topics.
  • Olympic Grooms will cover Competition Horse Management, Travel & Shows.
  • Nutritionists will cover Equine nutritional needs.
  • Sport N.I – will provide their “Pure Winner”
  • Biographies: Athletes will develop personal Biographies – to attract sponsors
  • Performance Planning: Competition Planning diaries will help athletes to prepare for specific competition Goals for each Horse, to help to embrace a better lifestyle alongside their competition careers.

Having agreed with this Mission Statement – the Athlete must sign the following forms, to start, or continue with the program.

  1. HSI-SNI Athlete Contract
  2. Athlete Profile Form

In the case of all Athletes who are under 18yrs – a parent / guardian must agree & co-sign the contract.

 2014-2015 Athletes

There are 31 athletes on the HSI SNI Talent ID Programme for 2014-2015. 16 are in the Show Jumping discipline, 9 are in the Eventing discipline and 7 are in the Dressage discipline.

SHOW-JUMPING; [16] – 5 ponies
Clarke Fionn
Conlon Gavin
Curran Frank
Dalm Sophie
Davidson Melanie
Graham Kenneth
Harding Charlotte
McCormack Barry
McEntee Emma
Morton Abby
Posnett Suzanne
Roulston Oliva
Roche Michael
Stewart/Greer Patricia
Turkington Emily
Whiteside Yvonne
EVENTING; [9] – 2 ponies
Brown Daniel
Hagan Suzanne
Harding Justine
Irwin Richard
Megahey Harold
Parkill Jemma
Riley Izzy
Robinson Mark
Wray Holly
Coulter Rachael
Dundee Lisa
Jackson Kirsty
McGrath Megan
Roberts Dale
Stuart Courtney
Webb-Graham Lucinda

Athlete Biography’s

A selection of athletes from the 2013-2014 squad have completed a small biography. Click on the names below to see what they have to say!

Katie Burns

Patricia Stewart

Megan McGrath

Suzanne Posnet