Movement of FEI Horses

New animal health arrangements came into effect on May 18th 2014.

Movement of Horses to /from France

Please note that from May 18th 2014, all horses moving between Ireland and France MUST,

in addition to a valid passport, be accompanied by either

  • an official veterinary health certificate issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,  OR
  • a DOCOM document issued by an approved Tripartite Body in respect of specified categories of horses.

A Tripartite Agreement (TPA) between Ireland, United Kingdom and France allows certain categories of horses, that are in compliance with documented higher health standards laid down by Bodies approved by the Member States of the TPA, (Approved TPA Bodies), to be exempted from the requirement for pre-export inspection and official certification, when moving to/from France. The Approved TPA Bodies have been authorised to issue or to arrange with bloodstock agents (designated by the TPA Body) for the issue of DOCOM documents authorising movement to and from France, as an alternative to the requirement for an official health certificate.

The competent authorities have, on the basis of submitted documented health standards and controls, agreed on the following as approved TPA Bodies in Ireland:

  • Horse Sport Ireland –  for the category of Sport horses competing at FEI affiliated competitions
  • Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association – for the category of registered thoroughbreds being moved for breeding or from a sale.
  • The Turf Club – for the category of racehorses competing in races or race training in France

Horse Sport Ireland has an approved list of transport agents for the shipping of HSI Licensed FEI Horses. All persons on this list are suitable to transport Horses to/from France. The list can be downloaded by clicking below.

List of Transporters approved by HSI

Persons wishing to move horses that are outside the scope of the TPA  to/from France should contact their bloodstock agent who will arrange for the appropriate veterinary certification.  Persons using their own transport to bring their own horses to EU member states (including France) are asked contact their local regional Department office for further information and to arrange for the necessary certification.

Movement of Horses to /from the United Kingdom

Horses (other than horses for slaughter, which require pre-export inspection and veterinary certification) moving between Ireland and the UK do not require a pre-export inspection or veterinary certification but, as with all movements of equidae, they must have a valid passport.

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