Thank You message from Horse Sport Ireland to our social media followers

  • 8 November 2016, 10:40

The latest Irish Sport Social Media Review, which tracks 18 National Governing Bodies for Sport in Ireland, has ranked Horse Sport Ireland fourth for Social Media Engagement in the month of October.

Horse Sport Ireland would like to thank the followers of Team Ireland Equestrian for their following, engagement, and time, which continues to bring Equestrian Sport to the forefront of Social Media.

Horse Sport Ireland CEO Damian McDonald said that the figures were very encouraging and would be helpful in making the case for more coverage for the sport in traditional media

“I would like to acknowledge the commitment and passion of the Horse Sport Ireland PR and Marketing team and for the huge effort they put into to keeping our platforms updated on weekends and evenings. We must also acknowledge our riders do so well on the world stage on such a regular basis which is what generates fresh content. We hope that these figures will help to demonstrate to more traditional media outlets that there is a lot of interest in our sport”. he said.


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