• 23 August 2018, 11:06

We are very pleased to say that during the past four weeks Jonty has made good progress as he recovers from his head injury. He continued to receive physiotherapy and rehabilitation support from the medical teams at the Connolly Hospital, Dublin who were delighted at his rate of progress. Jonty was passed fit to make the journey to the UK and on Monday he moved to continue his rehabilitation at a specialist neuro unit that is best suited to his needs at this time.

Jonty Evans

The medical team continue to advise that Jonty remain in a quiet and calm environment, and to keep visitors strictly to a minimum. His recovery will take a significant period of time but the long term outlook is encouraging.

Jonty and his family are extremely grateful for all the medical treatment and care he has received from all the wonderful Staff at the Beaumont and Connolly Hospitals, the support from the David Foster Injured Riders Fund, as well as the continued best wishes from all his friends, colleagues and supporters.

Speaking after his journey to the UK, Jonty said:
“I am humbled by all the support I have received and all the help I have been given by the staff at the Beaumont and Connolly Hospitals. I would especially like to mention Ciaran and Emily Glynn at Killossery, and my family Maggie Evans, Arthur Griffiths and Hannah Evans for their support. I am by no means out of the woods, but intend to keep trying”

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