Vote for Team Ireland in the ESMA finals!

  • 21 January 2014, 14:22

YES, Team Ireland Equestrian has reached the hotly-contested finals of the Equestrian Social Media Awards, and in two categories!

To help us win these coveted awards, please vote for Team Ireland Equestrian in Category 2 (BEST USE OF TWITTER) and then go right down the page to Category 18 (BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN UK AND IRELAND) and vote for Team Ireland Equestrian there, too. (We’re the only Irish finalist in Category 18, so we really, really need your vote if we’re to win!)

Our sister project, Irish Horse Gateway, has also made it to the finals of Category 13 (BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA BY A NEWCOMER) so please vote there, too.

You may cast a vote in any category in which you have an interest, so please take a look at the other sections of the awards as well, and vote in as many as possible.
To enter, just click HERE

And thanks! We really appreciate your support.

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