Win for Traditional Irish Horse Ballinglen Quality in Young Rider class

  • 25 February 2022, 16:23

Traditional Irish Horse Ballinglen Quality (ISH)[TIH] is a 2012 gelding by Rebel Mountain (ID) and out of a Taipan (TB) mare, who brought young rider Ainslee Myers (NZL) to first place in the Junior/Young Rider Preliminary class at Jumping Branch Farm Horse Trials, USA.

See below for the full list of Irish-bred Eventing results:


Rocking Horse Winter II Advanced HT, Florida. (February 17th – 20th).

Advanced Test A.

3 Electric Lux (ISH) – 2010 mare by Lux Z (HANN) out of Kilnamac Sue [ISH][TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: James Ryan (Tipperary). Rider: Natalia Neneman (USA) 33.9, 0, 5.2 = 39.1

6 Fernhill Wishes (ISH) – 2009 gelding by Chacoa (HOLST) out of KEC Galway Bay [ISH] by Glidawn Diamond (ID). Breeder: Anna Kennedy (Kerry). Rider: Karl Slezak (CAN) 33.0, 0, 18.0 = 51.0.

Advanced Test B.

2 Cooley Kildaire (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Heritage Fortunus (HANN) out of HHS Clo Jo (ISH)[TIH] by Clover Echo (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Thomas Hughes (Kilkenny). Rider: Sharon White (USA) 26.1, 0, 7.6 = 33.7

4 Typically Fernhill (ISH)[was Castlefield Ciao] – 2012 gelding by Dondoctro Ryal K (KWPN) out of Castlefield Sarah (unk) by Guy Cavalier [ISH]. Breeder: Jim O’Neill (Kilkenny). Rider: Leslie Law (GBR) 27.5, 0.4, 10.0 = 37.9

9 BGS Firecracker (ISH) – 2010 mare by Capitalist (HOLST) out of Emmas Courage (ISH) by Courage II (HOLST). Breeder: Patrick Byrne (Wexford). Rider: Mia Farley (USA) 27.5, 0, 16.0 = 43.5.

Open Intermediate A.

2 Stonehavens Dream (unk)[was Coco Before Chennel & MGH Brunhilde] – 2009 mare OIO. Rider: Abby Maude (USA) 35.5, 0, 0.8 = 36.3

5 Tinraher Diamond (ISH) – 2014 mare by Jack of Diamonds (SWB) out of Lucky Mermaid [ISH] by Prospect Pride (ID). Breeder: Thomas Ryan (Tipperary). Rider: Heidi  Hewlett Crowell (USA) 35.0, 0, 5.2 = 40.2

7 Rock Phantom (ISH)[TIH][was Fernhill Rock Phantom] – 2011 gelding by Sprit House (TB) out of Ballycroy Rose (ID) by Clonakilty Hero (ID). Breeder: Maura O’Malley (Mayo). Rider: Sara Kozumplik (USA) 30.9, 0, 16.0 = 46.9.

Open Intermediate B.

1 Off the Record (ISH)[was Cooley Stateside] – 2009 gelding by VDL Arkansas (KWPN) out of Drumagoland Bay (ISH) by Ard Ohio (KWPN). Breeder: Peter G Brady (Cavan). Rider: William Coleman (USA) 25.7, 0, 4.4 = 30.1

6 Galwaybay Blake (ISH)[was Galwaybay HSH Redfield] – 2015 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of Doughiska Lass (ISH) by Kannan (KWPN). Breeder: Justin Burke (Galway). Rider: Caroline Martin (USA) 25.5, 0, 15.2 = 40.7.

Open Preliminary.

1 Cooley Mr. Murphy (ISH) – 2013 gelding by Kroongraaf (KWPN) out of Ballinabarney Highlight (ISH) by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD). Breeder: John Burke (Galway). Rider: Sabrina Glaser (USA) 31.6, 0, 0.0 = 31.6

3 Oldcourt Grafen Dance (ISH) – 2010 mare by Grafenstolz (TRAK) out of Wyndham Gentle Annie (ISH) by Touchdown (ISH). Breeder: Tara Connelly (Wicklow). Rider: Tik Maynard (USA) 36.4, 0, 0.0 = 36.4

7 Tullibards Chance Taken (ISH) – 2015 mare by Tullibards Bennys Legacy (OLD) out of Tullibards Most Wanted (ISH) by Ricardo Z (ZANG). Breeder: Hans Jurgen Kuehnle (Laois). Rider: Michelle Mercier (USA) 35.5, 0, 2.4 = 37.9

8 BGS Calculated Chaos (ISH) – 2016 mare by OBOS Quality (OLD) out of Frisky Amber (ISH)[TIH] by Power Blade (TB)[IRL]. Breeder: Michael Buckley. Rider: Mia Farley (USA) 30.7, 0, 7.6 = 38.3

10 LCC King Jullian (ISH) – 2013 geldings by Clinton (HOLST) out of LCC Molly (ISH) by Courage II (HOLST). Breeder: Fr Simon Cadam. Rider: Alexandra Green Kirby (USA) 35.5, 0, 4.4 = 39.9.

Open Preliminary Friday B.

5 Little Cruz (ISH) – 2002 gelding by Cruz Forever (ISH)[TIH] out of Cavalero (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) Breeder: Andrew Dunlop (Tyrone). Rider: Rebecca Hoos (USA) 31.8, 0, 0.0 = 31.8.

Preliminary Horse.

6 Carrabeg Hulla Balou (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Balou du Rouet (OLD) out of Vella Flavour (ISH)[TIH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Joe Howley (Mayo). Rider: Michael Nolan (USA) 33.0, 0, 6.4 = 39.4

9 BE Capricorn (ISH)[was Monbeg Capricorn] – 2016 gelding by Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) out of ESI Lady (ISH) by Vink Guidam (SFG). Breeder: catherine Curran. Rider: Olivia Dutton (USA) 36.1, 4, 9.2 = 49.3.

Preliminary Rider.

4 Fernhill Imperial Flight (ISH)[was LEB Imperial Flight] – 2013 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of LEB Liath (ISH)[TIH] by Colin Diamond (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Jo Breheny (Waterford). Rider: Jenna Sack (USA) 32.7, 0,0.0 = 32.7.

Jumping Branch Farm HT, South Carolina. (February 18th – 20th).

Open Preliminary.

1 Global Tullabeg Tango (ISH) – 2012 mare by Tullabeg Fusion [ISH} out of Tullabeg Heidi (ISH). Breeder: Nicholas Cousins (Wexford). Rider: Tim Bourke (IRL) 29.7, 0, 0.0 = 29.7.

Junior / Young Rider Preliminary.

1 Ballinglen Quality (ISH)[TIH] [was Ballinglen Rebels Beauty] – 2012 gelding by Rebel Mountain (ID) out of Catrionas Mare (TB) by Taipan (TB)[IRL]. Breeder: Donal Goland. Rider: Ainslee Myers (NZL) 32.4, 0, 4.8 = 37.2.

Preliminary Rider.

1 Excel Star Harry (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Luidam (KWPN) out of Moysella Cool Diamond (ISH)[TIH] by Coolcorron Cool Diamond (ISH). Breeder: John O’Brien. Rider: Kathleen Bertuna (USA) 29.2, 0, 3.6 = 32.8.

Ram Trap Horse Park HT, California. (February 18th – 20th).

Open Intermediate.

8 Kilbunny Amigo (ISH) – 2010 gelding by Eurocommerce Pittsburg (KWPN) out of Ballyglisheen Sky (ISH)[TIH] by Sky Boy (TB), Breeder: Richard O’Hara (Waterford). Rider: Hailey Blackburn (USA) 30.0, 8, 4.8 = 42.8.

Open Preliminary.

5 Crafty Don (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of Diamond Beaker (ISH)[TIH] by Lester Lad (TB). Breeder: Amelia Comiskey. Rider: Tamara Smith (USA) 26.3, 0, 4.0 = 30.3.

Stable View Young Event Horse Qualifier, South Carolina. (February 16th).

Young Event Horse Five Year Old.

4 24 Carat Quality (ISH)[was Geenhall Twenty Four Carat] – 2017 gelding by Cobra 18 (WEWB) out of Greenhall Maybe So (ISH)[TIH] by Laughtons Flight (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Derry Rothwell. Rider Greta Schwickert (USA) 23.0, 12, 23.7. Other scores not included.

6 Excel Star Ever Hopeful (ISH)[was Lisdeen Buster] – 2017 gelding by Rehy High Society [ISH] out of Kilkee Girl (ISH)[TIH] by Ghareeb (TB). Breeder: Michael Blake. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 22.7, 11.1, 22.2. Other scores not included.

Young Event Horse Four Year Old.

2 Excel Star Mr. De Muze (ISH)[was Clabbystown Special] – 2018 gelding by I’m Special de Muze (BWP) out of Little Miss Cruz [ISH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Finnian McLoughlin. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 24.1, 10.5, 22.5 Other Scores not included.

4 Excel Star Sizzlin Hot (ISH)[was Coolvaun Joey] – 2018 gelding by Kings Cornet [ISH] out of Coolvaun Molly (ISH) by Lancelot (KWPN). Breeder Mairead Edel & Clair Madigan. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 22.8, 9.6, 22.8 Other scores not included.

6 Excel Star Courage (ISH)[was Forever Young] – 2018 Stallion by Scrapman (ID) out of Tullibard Caledonia [ISH] by Tullibards Shakespeare [ISH]. Breeder: Trevor Horgan. Rider: Kathleen Bertina (USA) 22.5, 9.9, 21.9 Other scores not included.

7 Excel Star Merlin (ISH)[was Cloughill Clovers Cornet] – 2018 gelding by Kings Cornet [ISH] out of Cloughill Clover Cici (ISH)[TIH] by King Henry (ID). Breeder: P J Furey. Rider: Kathleen Bertina (USA) 33.8, 9.6, 21.9 Other scores not included.

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