Young Rider Eventing European squad 2014

  • 29 April 2014, 08:56


To identify, support and develop riders and horses, demonstrating talent and potential in the Olympic sport of 3 Day Eventing to perform competitively at Young Rider European level


  • Highly Prepared
  • World Class Performances
  • European Stage
  • Podium Success for Ireland

Young Rider Squad Performance Values

  • Commitment – Give 100% energy and effort in realising your performance potential. Remove all excuses in trying to become your best!
  • Honesty – Be honest with yourself and the team supporting you regarding your challenges and your needs. Don’t let problems fester, ask for help!
  • Discipline – Manage distractions and maintain your focus around realizing your potential. Becoming a world class rider is a choice.  Each day live up to your choice around becoming world class. Get good at saying ‘no’ to the things that disable your pursuit of excellence


Young Rider Squad Riders will be committed to;

  • Success individually and as a Team Ireland Member
  • Attendance at targeted competitions
  • Personal bests at targeted competitions
  • Working with H.P. Management
  • Attending all training workshops (unless agreed by HPM)
  • Maintaining regular 2-way communication with Team Management


The Young Rider Programme aims to complete the following,

To ensure that Ireland competes with the best possible Team and that the Team has undergone the best possible preparations.

To provide

  • Elite Dressage Training with Heike Holstein
  • High Performance Show Jumping Training with Ian Fearon
  • Technical Cross Country Sessions with Sally Corscadden
  • Veterinary assessment and monitoring of horse
  • Performance Analysis of technical components
  • Introduction of high performance sports science support
    • Sport Performance Psychology
    • High Performance Lifestyle Management
    • Elite athlete planning and preparation

To Deliver

  • Ongoing monitoring of Rider Physiology and fitness training
    • Performance Nutrition
  • Coaching support at the following Events.
    • Tattersalls International
    • Barbury
    • Camphire
    • Vale Sabroso EU Champs
  • Veterinary support at Tattersalls International
  • Veterinary support at Vale Sabroso Euro Champs


Training Programme for 2014

Training will be held at either Abbottstown or Grange Farm XC unless notified. There will be fees to help cover the cost for training throughout the year.

Feb 20th/21st

  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Performance planning
  • Veterinary Assessment


April 22nd/23rd

  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Competition Review
  • Performance Analysis of dressage


June 17th

  • Training with Heike Holstein
  • Veterinary Assessment

June 30th/July 1st

  • Preparation for Barbury, Wilts, UK
  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Performance Psychology


July 16th/17th

  • Preparation for Camphire
  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Performance Analysis of Cross country section
  • Veterinary Monitoring
  • Performance Psychology


August 11th/12th

  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Performance Psychology
  • Individual performance analysis review
  • Goal setting review and renew




August 26th/27th

  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Individual performance analysis review
  • Veterinary Monitoring


Sept 3rd/4th

  • Training with Heike Holstein and Ian Fearon
  • Cross Country Session with Sally Corscadden
  • Individual performance analysis review
  • Sports Psychology
  • Team photo shoot etc

Sept 9th?    Travel horses

Sept 15th -21st Championships  Vale Sabroso (POR)


My HP Team to help me build the programme

  • Dressage Coach – Heike Holstein
  • Show Jumping Coach –  Ian Fearon
  • Team Vet – Will Lalor
  • HSI Admin  – Aileen Cartwright
  • Sports Psychology  – Niamh Fitzpatrick
  • Athlete Fitness and Nutrition  –  Joe O’Connor



Championships Information


We have booked apartments in Casas do Sal, only 2km from the showgrounds for athletes and coaches. There will be some accommodation for parents available also which can be booked through HSI closer to the time.


Flight Options

One flight to Lisbon daily from both Aer Lingus and Ryanair. Coaches are flying with Ryanair.

Aer Lingus

Sunday 14th Sep: Depart Dublin: 11.45am Arrive Lisbon: 2.30pm


Monday 22nd Sep: Depart Lisbon 3.10pm Arrive Dublin 5.50pm



Sunday 14th Sep: Depart Dublin 07.05am Arrive Lisbon: 09.40am


Monday 22nd Sep: Depart Lisbon 10.05am Arrive Dublin: 12.50pm


Horse Transportation

The cost of the transport to the Vale de Sabroso, Portugal  would be €11,500.00 with Mullins transport.

In addition to transport costs:

  • EU Health Certificate
  • Transit stabling on route @ €30.00 per stable each way
  • Vat @ 23%.










Horse Sport Ireland Draft Selection Policy and High Performance Programme –Young Rider Eventers 2014.


1.1       To be considered for selection for the European Championships in Vale Sabroso(Por) 17th – 21 Sept 2014, combinations will be expected to compete at Ballindenisk CIC2* April 11th-13th and Tattersalls CCI2* (U25) May 30th – June 1st 2014, unless expressly excused by the Team Manager.

1.2       In addition, it is recommended that combinations who wish to be considered for selection for the Championships compete at two of the following events:

– Ballindenisk CNC2* March 23rd
– Tyrella CNC2* March 29th
– Tyrella CNC2* April 5th

1.3       The Team Manager will confirm a longlist of combinations for the Championships after Tattersalls International May 30th– June 1st 2014.

1.4       The longlist of combinations will be invited to join the squad and expected to attend a dressage training clinic and veterinary examination on the provisional date of June 17th.

1.5       The longlist of combinations will be asked to compete at Barbury CIC2* July 3rd– 5th and Camphire CIC2* July 25th – 27th, unless expressly excused by the Team Manager.

1.6       The Team Manger will select a squad of 6 combinations and 2 reserves following Camphire CIC2* to represent Ireland at the European Championships in Vale Sabroso. The Team Manger’s decision is final.


2.1       All horses and riders combinations must achieve the minimum eligibility and qualification standards required set forth by the FEI Rules for Eventing (24th Edition, applicable from Jan 1st, 2013)The last updates applicable from January 1st, 2013, are shown in red, textwhich has been deleted is indicated by a strikethrough.


2.2       Rider’s must co-operate fully with Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) and the Team Manager and comply promptly with any reasonable requests.

2.3       HSI can request that a horse be made available for inspection by the Team Veterinarian at any time. Riders must comply with this request. Riders must notify the Team Manager/ Team Veterinarian of any change in their horse’s health status or of veterinary issues immediately.

2.4       Each rider who is in contention for selection will be required to keep a log book for their horses in which they must record all products and treatments used on or given to their horse from a specified date until the European Championships. The team veterinarian will be entitled to view this log book at any time or can ask for the log to be transcribed into a document with a signed declaration that contains everything given to the horse within a specified timeframe in line with rule 8.12 of the Horse Sport Ireland General Rules.

2.5       Horse Sport Ireland can send an appointed Veterinary Surgeon to take a blood sample from a horse at any time for the purposes of testing for prohibited substances and/or as part of an assessment of the horse’s well being.


3.1       The primary factor in selecting the team will be form during the 2014 season at two star level. The Team Manager will be looking for competitive performances preferably showing improvement throughout the season.


3.2       The soundness of the horse to meet the challenges of competing at the European Championships will be an important factor in any selection decision. Riders must keep the team vet fully briefed on any health or soundness issues the horse may have.


3.3       The Team Manager will also factor in the suitability of the horse for the particular characteristics of the cross country course and arena in Val Sabroso.

3.4       Commitment to the programme will be a factor in selection. In this regard the rider should note the following:

  • Prompt communications with the Team Manager, Coaches, Team Veterinarian and HSI in relation to the programme are very important.
  • It is important that the riders avail of every opportunity to train with the team trainers and compete at the competitions they will be present at.
  • The rider must show maturity and be a ‘team player’ at all times, and the rider’s family, owners and trainers are expected to work together with the Management Team.


Riders should be aware that only a maximum of six places are available for Ireland at the championships. In addition, only four riders can be part of the team at the championships. Riders, their parents/guardians and their personal coaches must understand this and be prepared to accept that potential disappointment is an inevitable part of participation in the High Performance Programme.


** Clear well ridden cross country rounds, close to the optimum time, is what will be required. Riders should note that rough riding or riding too fast during cross country is not acceptable.


If any parent or coach has a query or proposed change to this, please forward to Equestrian Sport Co-ordinator Triona Connors on email:  before close of business Friday February 28th for consideration.



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