Irish Draught Horse Studbook Rules

  • 4 March 2024, 17:53

Horse Sport Ireland have published the updated Irish Draught Horse studbook rules. Please note the below rule changes and updates that Irish Draught breeders should be aware of.

The Irish Draught amnesty has been re-introduced with immediate effect, see section (5.1.4). The amnesty will be in place for a three-year period and is for animals to be classified during that time. This amnesty does not extend to animals that’s year of birth is within the three-year amnesty time frame. This amnesty is effective immediately and the triennial period will expire on the 31st December 2026.

The studbook has introduced a novel kinship classification method for targeting rare breed mares within the studbook (see section Where the mare meets the kinship percentage for the year in question they will be classified as ‘Class 1’. The studbook will confirm the 2024 kinship threshold and inform interested breeders where they can apply in due course.

Additional mare selection dates will be considered subject to demand and funding availability.

Please click HERE to download a digital copy of the rules.