Jim Seymour bred the Irish Sport Horse Night Quality who took top spot in the USA

  • 22 January 2024, 13:04
Young Irish bred horses shine as they start their Eventing journeys in Aiken and Anthony Kelly’s choice of Watermill Swatch as the sire for his Hill View Lady’s foal Fernhill Swatch Out proves a good one.

See below the full list of International Eventing Results

Stable View, Aiken International (USA) 19th – 21st January 2024

Open Preliminary A.

1st Night Quality (ISH) – 2011 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Night Fly (ISH) by Maltstriker (KWPN). Breeder: Jim Seymour (Tipperary). Rider: Isabelle Bosley (USA) 27.6, 0, 8.4 = 36.0

2nd Cooley Gentleman (ISH)[was HHS Oaklands] – 2014 gelding by Acorad 3 (OLD) out of HHS Crystal Clear [ISH] by The Echo Factor [ISH]. Breeder: Miguel Bravo (Kilkenny). Rider: Lillian Heard Wood (USA) 31.3, 0, 6.0 = 37.3

10th Rosconnell Alto (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Tabasco Van Erpekom (BWP) out of All Clover (ISH) by Cavalier Clover Lad (ISH). Breeder: Patrick Lacey. Rider: Kiersten Miller (USA) 36.1, 0, 25.6 = 61.7.

Open Preliminary B.

6th HTS Jensen R (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of HTS Lady Clermont (ISH)[TIH] by Rhyne Clover (ISH). Breeder: Brian Kieran. Rider: Katie Lichten (USA) 32.4, 0, 11.2 = 43.6

10th Fernhill Royale (ISH)[was Cavalier Trumps] (ISH) – 2009 by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) out of Greenacres Trumps (ISH)[TIH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Michael Callery. Rider: Mai Petersen (USA) 31.8, 4, 16.0 = 51.8.

Preliminary Rider.

2nd Paddrick (unk) – 2011 gelding by Kroongraaf (KWPN) out of a mare by Temple Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Rider: Elle Choate (USA) 37.1, 0, 1.2 = 38.3.

Open Modified A.

3rd MBF Gambler  (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Ramiro B (BWP) out of Monalease (TB) by Terimon (TB). Breeder: Brian Flynn. Rider: Kimberly Wendel (USA) 33.3, 4, 6.4 = 43.7

4th HSH Crypto (ISH)[was Pavoda] – 2016 gelding by Casallco (ISH) out of Cumano Kiss (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN). Breeder: Carol A McLaughlin. Rider: Sydney Shinn (USA) 32.5, 0, 12.4 = 44.9.

Open Modified B.

1st Fernhill Swatch Out (ISH)[TIH] – 2015 gelding by Watermill Swatch (TB) out of Hill View Lady (ISH)[TIH] by Lake View Pride (ID). Breeder: Anthony Kelly. Rider: Claire Robinson (USA) 27.3, 0, 0.4 = 27.7

5th Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 (ISH)[was Briarhill Lui Bay] – 2015 mare by Kings Cornet [ISH] out of Briarhill Cruise (ISH) by Luidam (KWPN). Breeder: Anne Coyne. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 39.0, 0, 6.0 = 45.0

7th Kokoleka (ISH)[was Belline Castle Pacino Candy] – 2018 mare by Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) out of Castle Pacino (ISH) by Pacino (BWP). Breeder: Noel Ruane. Rider: Kate Brown (USA) 38.3, 4, 9.2 = 51.5

9th Excel Star Chimichanga (ISH)[was PLS Kilmastulla Q & PLS Obie Wan] – 2017 gelding by Castlecomer Q (ISH) out of PLS Diamond Heist (ISH)[TIH] by Colin Diamond (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: William McDonnell (Jnr). Rider: Susan Thomas (USA) 38.3, 8, 17.2 = 63.5.




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The Irish bred eventing results are part-funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine under the Equine Technical Support Fund.