FEI Passports & Registrations

Please click on the relevant form below, print it off and return it to Horse Sport Ireland by post or email. We won’t be able to do any registrations, changes, etc. without the relevant forms being filled out and signed.

Check the FEI database if you and/or your horse are currently registered (opens in new window)

Please note that all FEI registrations (Horse and Athlete) expire on 31st December of the year you FEI registered for.

Single athlete event licence notice

Please note that single event athlete licences for home internationals (Irish FEI Events only) are available at a cost of €100 Euro per event. There is no limit on taking out single event licences for home internationals per year, and such licences can be taken out for any FEI discipline.

FEI Registrations Policy Feb 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ATHLETES: Article 137 of the FEI General Regulations 24th edition, 1 January 2020 Updates effective 1 January 2022.

Article 137 – Horse Passports and Microchip

Every Horse entered for any Competition at CIMs (Appendix E) in a country other than the country of the Horse’s residency, and all Horses entered for other CIs, FEI Championships, Regional, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, at all times, must have an official, valid FEI passport or a national passport approved by the FEI and inserted inside an FEI Recognition Card. In the case of Horses permanently resident in a Member State of the European Union, all Horses must have an acceptable national EU approved passport in compliance with Commission Regulations, to which an FEI recognition is applied. The exception to the latter being the possession of an FEI passport which has been continually revalidated without any interruption.

The key points are the interpretation of ‘the country of the Horse’s residency’ versus ‘Not compulsory for Horses from the host Nation’.

Where the following information below appears in a FEI Schedule, athletes are reminded that FEI Recognition Cards are required where the Athlete from the host nation but the animal resides in a different nation.

Event Category FEI Passport and or Recognition Card CI-short/long 1* and 2* – Not compulsory for Horses from the host Nation – Compulsory for Horses from the invited Nations

Athletes are to be mindful of the country of the horse’s residency. In summary, if the Athlete is based abroad and the horse is resident in that country then that horse needs to obtain an FEI Passport/ Recognition card to compete in IRL despite the fact that the Athlete is from the host nation.

Important new ruling (from 1st of August 2016) from the FEI in regards to changing a horses/ponies birth name.

Horse Name Change Guidelines_01.08.2016

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW FEI PASSPORT APPLICATIONS: According to  FEI Regulations, FEI Veterinary Regulations and EU Identification of Horses Regulations,  it is compulsory that all  white markings shown on the “outline diagram” of a horses passport must be recorded using a RED ball point pen. Any national passport submitted for an FEI Recognition Card will be returned if the outline diagram is not in REDPlease have your veterinarian remark the animal in red prior to submitting the FEI passport application.