Important Update for breeders of 2024 foals

  • 19 April 2024, 16:00

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) today announces important changes for registration of foals in 2024.

New System to be introduced

HSI is excited to announce its new e-Passport system, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve fund, which is expected to go live in June this year. This system will support greater self-service functionality for breeders, faster passport application turnaround times and new functionality that will allow breeders to apply for, and track, the status of online applications.

Faster passport processing times

The new system will improve the turnaround time for foal passports. If the sire and dam are already SNP DNA tested, DNA results will take on average of 19 working days once received. Thereafter, the studbook will require 7 working days to produce the passport, where the application is correct and free from omissions or errors. Breeders should note that if they plan to sell foals in 2024, sufficient time must be given to allow for DNA testing and the production of the passport. If the sire and/or dam is not SNP DNA tested, MS testing may be required at an additional fee of €31.50 (ex VAT) and can take up to 15 additional working days.

Issuing of Kits for 2024 Foal Registration

To support the changeover to our new e-Passport system, foal kits will be issued for 2024 foals as per the following:

  • HSI will issue kits based on cover certs and mare declaration submitted by Friday April 26th.
  • HSI requests that these animals’ samples and marking charts are received by HSI no later than May 15th to ensure sufficient time for the passport production.
  • We would encourage breeders to pay for their passport applications on IHR Online. Online payments improve both the security of customers’ information and the speed of application processing.

Where kits are not received by HSI by May 15th, the breeder must restart the foal registration application on the new system in June when it is available. New sample kits will be issued thereafter, and the original April-issued marking chart will no longer be valid.

For all remaining foals, kits will be issued in June via the e-Passport system.  HSI encourages all breeders to continue to declare coverings for this year’s foals on IHR Online if they have not already done so.

Sales letters will no longer be provided

DAFM has asked that HSI remind breeders that the use of “Sales Letters” for the sale of horses with incomplete passport applications is not permitted under EU Animal Health Law. Hence, “Sales Letters” will not be issued in 2024.

2024 Foal Passport Registration Fees

The fee for foal passport registrations with pedigree is €120 (ex VAT) and will increase to €140 (ex VAT) from August 31st, 2024. All fees can be found HERE.

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