Horse Sport Ireland Seek Designated Clinic – Veterinary Application Forms for Studbook inspections

  • 12 December 2022, 14:41

Veterinary Clinics can apply to become a designated clinic for the Horse Sport Ireland Studbook Stallion inspection veterinary examination, via an online application form.  If you would like the link to the application, please email [email protected]. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 20th December 2022.

A designated veterinary clinic allows stallions who wish to present for Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) Studbook inspection to undergo the entire HSI veterinary examination prior to the inspection date.

The HSI Stallion Inspection veterinary process which will be carried out in its entirety prior to the day of the stallion inspection includes:

  • Identification of stallions
  • X-Rays
  • Endoscope
  • Five stage veterinary examination
  • Blood samples
  • Movement examination
  • EVA, EIA, CEM and Fragile Foal Syndrome (FFS)


If you require further information you can contact Antonette or Lorraine in the breeding department on 045-850800 and press 2.

Horse Sport Ireland Studbook inspections are supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Equine Technical Support fund.