Showing provides an opportunity for riders and owners to exhibit their animals. Classes are divided into ridden and in-hand sections and there are many different classes for different horses and ponies. Classes may be broken down by the age, type or breed of the horse or pony. For in-hand showing classes, the horse is led without a saddle, not ridden, and its conformation and gaits are judged.

Showing in Ireland is administered by The Irish Shows Association Ltd. which evolved from a Federation of Show Societies initially founded in 1931. Membership of the Association is open to all recognised Agricultural Show Societies throughout the island of Ireland.

Shows generally take place in the spring and summer months around Ireland. For upcoming show dates and more information on how to get involved please visit The Irish Shows Association website.

Aims and objectives of The Irish Shows Association are:

  • To promote and assist in the development of Agricultural Shows;
  • To act as a negotiating instrument between members and outside bodies;
  • To liaise with Government Departments and Agencies in matters affecting members and show exhibitors;
  • To organise and oversee annual All Ireland Championships for horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, dogs, horticulture and home industries;
  • To publish an annual shows Guide Book and Judges List;
  • To provide a group insurance scheme for members;
  • To provide a national secretariat and head office for receiving and processing material relevant to members and their interests.

Irish Shows Association (ISA), Tullyraghan, Drumakill, Castleblayney, Monaghan.
Phone: 04297 46323
Mobile: 086 2783725
Contact: Jim Harrison, Secretary