HSI Codes

Child Welfare Codes

These Codes of Conduct are issued in conjunction with the National Rules of HSI and applies to all activities regarding an Athlete/Coach/Parent(s) involvement with HSI including but not limited to training session/clinics, camps, meetings, travel and competitions

What is most paramount to the young people involved in HSI is their personal dignity and physical integrity. It is important that all young people involved in HSI are treated with the highest level of respect and valued within the organisation.  Young people’s participation in our sport should allow them to make friends, enjoy their participation and give them an opportunity to improve their skills.

HSI realises the importance of a child centered approach and as an organisation one of the main goals is to ensure all involved adopt the youth centered approach in the promotion and development of the sport. The implementation of Codes of Conducts is one step we are taking to ensure this occurs.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to:

  • Promote the interests and safeguard all members less than 18 years of age in HSI.
  • Respect the rights, wishes and feelings that young people may have.
  • Ensure all reasonable steps are taken to protect young people from any harm, discrimination or degrading treatment.

Our Codes of Conduct complement and address the appropriate levels of behavior, practice and conduct required from our young participants, officials, coaches, trainers, mentors, parents/guardians.

It is vital that everyone involved in HSI activities accept their individual and combined roles and responsibilities in the safeguarding of our young members. The welfare of the child is the primary key in maintaining an enjoyable and safe environment for all. Please read and review the Code of Conduct that applies to you by clicking on the relevant link below.

As the National Governing Body of Equestrian Sport Horse Sport Ireland would recommended that all Affiliates adopt and implement these Codes of Conducts.


HSI National Rules

Each Athlete, and his or her parent or guardian where applicable, is responsible for reading the National Rules and is obligated to comply with and be bound by the National Rules.


HSI Committees 



HSI Board of Directors


HSI Governance Code

Horse Sport Ireland has adopted and subscribes to the Sport Ireland Governance Code. Full details related to the Code can be found at the link below:


Equestrian Welfare Codes