Horse riding is one of the most enjoyable activities you can undertake. It is suitable for young and old, for novices and experts and for all abilities. Ireland, also known as Land of the Horse, is the perfect place to explore this very rewarding activity. There are excellent training facilities throughout Ireland where you can learn to ride in approved centres. For more experienced riders there are many riding clubs and even an Interschools leagues specifically for students. Ireland also offers some of the best equestrian holidays you will find anywhere.

Riding Schools

Riding schools provide lessons for all levels and horses suitable for beginners to experimented riders. They also organise events and competitions. The standards at riding schools and equestrian centres are regulated by the Association of Irish Riding Establishments (AIRE), which is responsible for the inspection and registration of horse riding schools and establishments in Ireland. AIRE is responsible for promoting safety and standards at equine centres in Ireland. To find an AIRE approved riding schools visit www.aire.ie.

Riding Clubs

Riding clubs offer activities for their members such as riding instruction, competitions, social events etc. The Riding Clubs are administered in Ireland by the Association of Irish Riding Clubs. To find out more about Riding Clubs in your area visit www.airc.ie.


Equestrian Interschools Ireland is open to all equestrian sports of interest to students. For information on Interschools Equestrianism, go to www.equestrianinterschools.com where you will find downloadable Entry Forms, Rules, Calendar, Start Lists, Results and a League Table. You can also follow them on Facebook.


If you are interested in riding or owning a pony then you should find out more about the Irish Pony Society www.irishponysociety.ie and the Irish Pony Club www.irishponyclub.ie. These websites are useful resources for information on pony breeding, showing and competition.

Equestrian holidays

Discover Ireland has a great resource for anyone planning an equestrian holiday in Ireland. They have listings of equestrian holiday operators available on their website http://www.discoverireland.ie/Things-To-Do/Ideas-for-activities/Horse-riding

Horse welfare

Anyone learning to ride or planning on buying a horse should be aware of some basic horse welfare information and we recommend you read the HSI’s Guide to horse welfare and responsible horse ownership