Coaching Programme

Coaching courses are currently delivered across four levels and are accredited by Sport Ireland Coaching, the Irish governing body for coaching in all sports.

The HSI Coaching Programme was originally implemented by the Equestrian Federation of Ireland (EFI) Coaching Committee in 1998 (now the HSI Coaching Steering Committee). The aim of the programme is as follows:

  • Establish a practical coach education system
  • Maintain a recognised certification system for coaches
  • Provide ongoing support for these coaches
  • Increase the number of coaches

Since the HSI Coaching Programme has been operational it has delivered hundreds of courses all around Ireland and further afield. The HSI Coaching system has been adopted by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

The HSI Coaching System is a competition based coaching system and focuses solely on coaching. The courses offer a better understanding of modern competition requirements, coaching skills, technical knowledge and principles of good communication. They are also suitable for parents, breeders, young horse producers, competitors, riding school instructors and anyone involved with horses or who has an interest in the industry.

Sport Ireland Coaching (formerly Coaching Ireland)

Sport Ireland Coaching has the lead role in the development of coaching on an all island basis, highlighting the importance of quality coaching in developing our athletes and providing opportunities for participants. The National Coaching and Training Centre (NCTC) was established in 1994 to cater for both High Performance Athletes and Coach Education Development. The Equestrian Federation of Ireland (EFI), now operated through Horse Sport Ireland (HSI), signed up to the National Coaching Development Programme (NCDP) in 1996 and has been very active in equestrian coach education since that time. NCTC was rebranded to Coaching Ireland (CI) in 2007 and again to Sport Ireland Coaching (SIC) in 2016 and aims to ensure performers and participants receive the best quality coaching throughout their involvement in sport.

The main objectives of Sport Ireland Coaching are to:

  • Raise the standard, status and profile of coaching in Ireland to provide performers and participants with the best quality coaching through their involvement in sport
  • Lead the development of coaching in Ireland through the implementation of a quality coach and tutor education and support programmes
  • Work in partnership with NGBs and the wider sporting sector on an all island basis

For more information please contact the HSI Coaching Department on Tel: +353 (0)45 854 533 or email: