Naming / Change horse name

A first time naming or a name change is done by completing the naming form, available below, and sending it in to us.

If this is a first time naming, meaning your horse’s passport is currently recorded as ‘UNNAMED’, a change of ownership is included for free if it is required.

Some commonly asked questions around naming:

  • When would I need a horse to be named?
    • Breeders need to have mares and stallions named if they are to breed from their animals.
    • Some competition registrations (SJI,FEI etc.) require the animal to be named before they can compete.
  • Can a horses’ name be changed?
    • A horse’s name can be changed provided it is not named with a prefix. If you horse does have a prefix that you would like to remove, we would need permission from the prefix owner. We will make contact with the prefix owner when you submit the application to change the name.
  • What is a prefix?
    • A prefix is a word (minimum of three letters) that an owner can purchase. This will give the owner sole use of that word in naming of all animals in the studbook. A horse named with a prefix cannot have their name altered unless permission is given by the prefix owner. If you are interested in purchasing a prefix, click HERE to find out how to apply.
  • Why does the form require 4 options?
    • We require four name choices in the event that the name you have selected is already taken by another horse.


HSI Registrations Unit office hours:

  • Open to the public from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
  • The phone line is open from 9am to 4.30pm (Monday to Friday), with the exception of Wednesday when we open at 09.30 to facilitate staff training. Please note the phone lines will be closed from 1pm to 2pm for lunch – 045 850800
  • For urgent registrations applications must be lodged by 11am with the HSI Registration Unit.