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Horse Sport Ireland a company limited by guarantee, registration number 432092, hereinafter Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) was established in December 2006 by a joint initiative of the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Tourism and Sport. This decision was reached following widespread consultation in the industry and with the aim of bringing together equestrian sport and breeding into one body to harness its full potential.


On 1 January 2008, HSI became the Governing Body for equestrian sport in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was recognised by the International Governing Body (Federation Equestre Internationale “FEI”), the Irish Sports Council (now Sport Ireland), and the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) (now the Olympic Federation of Ireland).  The Dowling Report had recommended that Horse Sport Ireland would maintain the Irish Horse Register and it was transferred to HSI in July 2008. From July 2008 to date, Horse Sport Ireland has operated under approval from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the management and administration of the Irish Sport Horse Studbook (& its supplements) and Irish Draught Horse Studbook (& Appendix), the Irish Cob Studbook & Irish Cob Part-Bred Studbook and since 2013 the Irish Sport Pony Studbook. Horse Sport Ireland provides administration services for the following DAFM approved Studbooks: Irish Standard Bred Pacer & Trotter Studbook and the Kerry Bog Pony Society.


In summary, the primary functions of Horse Sport Ireland are to:

  • Support the development and growth of the Sport Horse Industry in Ireland and internationally.
  • Interface with Government and Government Agencies on behalf of the sector.
  • Act as the national Governing Body for Equestrian Sport, as recognised by the FEI, SI, OFI and Sport NI.
  • Maintain the Irish Horse Register which incorporates the Irish Sport Horse and the Irish Draught Horse Studbooks.
  • Maintain the Irish Sport Pony and Irish Cob Studbook.
  • Issue ID documents for horses by way of approval from the DAFM.
  • Administer Equestrian High Performance Programmes for selected disciplines Olympic and Paralympic
  • Run the National Anti-Doping Programme for the sport horse industry
  • Run the National Equestrian Coaching Development Programme with Coaching Ireland.
  • Operate the online Pedigree, Progeny and Performance database – CapallOir.


HSI’s mission is to lead the equestrian sector to enable it to fulfill its potential. Most HSI’s initiatives are focused towards increasing the quality of the equine stock produced and of the training and production of those animals to raise the prices and profits for the Irish producers with a multiplier effect across the wider industry and service providers. Horse Sport Ireland has ambitious plans to accelerate the growth and value of the sport horse sector and believes that there is an excellent opportunity to yield a higher return on investment and to increase the level of sustainable employment in rural Ireland. The activities involving sport horses are wide ranging and diverse and HSI is the umbrella body for which recognised affiliate organisations are connected.

For more information on Horse Sport Ireland please download the HSI Annual Report and other publications at the Reports & Publications page

Horse Sport Ireland – Our Structure

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