Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Horse Sport Ireland has instigated a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for all Level 1 Apprentice, Level 2 and Level 3 Coaches. HSI are very keen that all Coaches constantly progress their coaching skills and this is the premise on which the CPD programme is based. This system is now compulsory participation for all coaches. If you have any further enquiries about the programme, please contact the Coaching Department on Tel: 045 854 533 or email:

CPD Programme Guidelines and CPD Report Card

Online CPD Opportunities

‘The Use of Equine Hydrotherapy in Performance Horses’
  • ‘The Use of Equine Hydrotherapy in Performance Horses’ with Fiona FitzGibbon BSc MIRVAP IEH
  • This webinar will explore the use of equine water treadmills and equine hydrotherapy spas in both performance and rehabilitation
  • Tuesday 13th April at 6pm via Zoom
  • €25 per person
  • 1 CPD point for all HSI Accredited Coaches

‘Biomechanics of Horse and Rider from a Coaching Perspective’

  • Centaur Biomechanics Webinar two-part series: ‘Biomechanics of Horse and Rider from a Coaching Perspective’ with Dr Russell MacKechnie Guire
  • The webinars are aimed towards HSI Level 2 and 3 coaches and are also suitable for riders or anyone else with an interest in horse and rider biomechanics
  • PART 1: Tuesday 27th April at 6pm via Zoom
  • PART 2: Tuesday 11th May at 6pm via Zoom
  • Attendance at Part 1 is not required to attend Part 2 and vice versa
  • Webinars can be booked together or separately
  •  €25 per webinar
  • 1 CPD point for HSI Accredited per webinar


Please include all online courses completed on your CPD Report Card, proof of application and proof of completion must be included in order to gain CPD points. Once the report card is completed (5 CPD points are required per year) please sent it into Jennifer Diamond ( via email or post.

Learn more about CPD

Continuing Coach Education is a constant process by which Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) Coaches listed as Accredited Coaches by HSI, maintain and develop the skills, knowledge and competencies relevant to their current professional status.

The Continuous Professional Development system operated by the HSI Coaching Department will be overseen by the Coaching Technical Committee. The system will be based on accumulation of credits on an  annual basis. A minimum number of credits will be required annually by a Coach wishing to remain  active on the HSI Coaching Register which is published on the website.

Credits may be obtained through attendance/ participation at courses and seminars at home and  overseas. The following information will be required post the event:

  1. Name & address of the Provider of the course / event
  2. The title of the course / event, its location, a description of the subject matter covered and the names of the Tutors.
  3. The dates attended.

Please click below for full details of the CPD criteria and credit allocation for 2021.

CPD Criteria Update 2021

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Current, valid First Aid Certificate
  • Valid Safeguarding 1 Certificate
  • Garda Clearance / Access NI Vetting

Minimum credit requirement for retention of Accredited Coach status per annum = 5

The Accreditation year will run from 1st December to 30th November.

Why CPD?

Why must HSI coaches join the CPD system?

  • Professional obligation – it is the duty of each Coach to provide the best possible level of training to their clients
  • Client expectation – Clients will have more confidence in the level of training they are receiving knowing that the Coach is part of an assured CPD system.
  • Personal Satisfaction – increasing confidence based on gaining more knowledge and interaction with your peers.
  • Maintain a Quality Qualification Standard – HSI must ensure that all accredited coaches constantly upskill in order to maintain the high level of coaching associated with the HSI Coaching qualifications.
  • Improves career prospects.

Extensions and Waivers of CPD Requirements:

  • The Coaching Steering Committee may grant or deny, in part or in total, an application for extension or waiver of CPD requirements, upon proof that circumstances beyond the Coach’s control prevented completion of such requirements.
  • The Coaching Steering Committee may, in individual cases involving medical disability or protracted illness of the coach grant waivers of the CPD requirements or extensions of time within which to fulfill the same.
  • In such instances a written request must be submitted.

CPD Credit Allocation

  • First Aid Courses – PHECC FAR course / BHS Equine Specific course – 1 credit
  • Coaching courses / Seminars / Events / Workshops
    • Horse Sport Ireland – 1-3 credits 
    • Hosted by HSI Affiliates e.g. Eventing Ireland, Show Jumping Ireland, Dressage Ireland, AIRE, AIRC etc. (Prior verification required) 1-2 credits
    • Hosted by FEI / BHS / Other National Federations (Prior verification required)  1-2 credits 
    • Hosted by Sport Ireland Coaching – 1-3 credits 

Note: Courses delivered by providers other than HSI and Sport Ireland Coaching must contain content relevant to the HSI Coaching Programme , Levels 1, 2 and 3. If proposing to attend a course and unsure  whether it is appropriate for a credit allocation, please contact the Coaching Department for prior  verification.

It is the responsibility of each Coach to maintain records, certificates or other evidence of compliance with the CPD requirements and to submit these to Horse  Sport Ireland Coaching Department within 1 month of the end of the Accreditation year. Any coach who does not acquire the required number of credits and submit sufficient evidence of same will be removed from the ‘active’ list of coaches.

More information

If you require any further information please contact Jennifer Diamond in Horse Sport Ireland. For further information phone 00353 (0)45 854 533 or email:

HSI reserves the right to modify, alter or add to accreditation requirements in accordance with updates to HSI Coaching Programmes.