Horse Sport Ireland support Global Coaches Day

  • 25 September 2023, 09:00

Today, September 25th, marks the International Council for Coaching Excellence Global Coaches Day.

Horse Sport Ireland is once again proud to support the ICCE’s #ThanksCoach campaign this year in recognition of the massive contributions our HSI Accredited Coaches make to the betterment of equestrian sport.

Our coaches are the first point of call for advice, knowledge sharing and skills development. They inspire us with their passion for equestrian sport and their desire to help riders achieve their goals.

They set the standards of not only our training, but also for our values as equestrians and motivate us to try harder, aim bigger and to believe in our own abilities.

Our coaches help us to understand that our horses are our partners and strive to bring out the best in both. They help us to see what we can be together, and what we can achieve with dedication, focus and perseverance.

Their commitment to our goals and development helps us overcome challenges, teaching us that obstacles are merely opportunities in disguise. Showing us that every training problem or competition mistake is an opportunity to learn to find a new way forward, and to come back stronger than before.

From grassroots development to high performing athletes, our coaches dedicate their time, knowledge and expertise to support riders in the pursuit of their equestrian dreams and aspirations.

HSI Accredited Coaches have contributed immensely to the successes of our riders in all disciplines and across all the levels of our sport. From Junior Teams taking podium spots, World Championships and Olympic qualifications, Para Dressage medals, Young Breeders and an endless list of podium finishes at home and all around the world, 2023 to date has truly been another amazing year for equestrian sport.

Horse Sport Ireland would like to say #ThanksCoach to all of our accredited coaches, our HP team coaches and our high-performance team managers, all of whom have contributed immensely and play a key role in the successes of our riders.

Now we invite you to join us as we celebrate our coaches and say #ThanksCoach for their dedication and commitment by sharing a post to your social media telling us what your coach means to you and what they have helped you achieved.

This year’s theme is “Coaching for a better tomorrow,” so from building your confidence, teaching you something new or helping you progress through the levels, we want to hear what your coach means to you! Don’t forget to tag us in your post and use the #ThanksCoach and #HSICoaching hashtags!

To learn more about what you can do to support the ICCE Global Coaches Day, head over to their website.