How to watch BBC Red Button in Ireland

  • 12 September 2018, 11:00


SKY customers guide on how to tune in BBC Red Button in Ireland

1, On your SKY remote press the “Services” button and use the arrow to select “Options”

2. Using the arrows select “Add Channels”

3. Manually tune frequency to 10.773 by typing in the digits on your remote

4. Use the arrow to change polarization to “H”

5. Change symbol rate to 22.0

6. Change FEC to 5/6

7. Standard stays at DVB -S

8. Modulation stays at 8PSK

9.. Pres the yellow button to “Find Channels”

10. Select BBC RB 1 and save using yellow button and press select when complete

11. The channel will now be saved under the “Other Channels” section on your “Options” list, found when you press “services” on your remote

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