Para-equestrian is a discipline available to people with disabilities who compete in classes according to the level of their physical disability, in both Dressage and Driving. Para-equestrian disciplines follow the same rules as the other equestrian disciplines. On top of these, the Generic Rules for Para-equestrian events lay out the specifications revolving around the organization of Para-equestrian events.

People with profiles of similar functional ability level are grouped into four competition Grades. The competition test for each Grade is compatible with the functional ability of people with the same potential. There are five Grades for dressage and two for carriage driving. They range from Grade I for the most severely impaired dressage riders, to Grade IV for the least impaired. The competition within each Grade can then be judged on the skill of that competitor on that horse regardless of the competitor’s disability (2007, FEI).

International events are overseen by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).

The sport is administered in Ireland by Para Equestrian Ireland. Para Equestrian Ireland promotes training and competition opportunities for riders with a physical disability.


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