Irish Issued passports.

If you own a mare or a stallion, registered with an Irish passport authority, that you are planning to breed Irish Sport Horses or Irish Sport Ponies from, you will need to endorse this animal on to the Irish Horse Register. The following Irish passports can be endorsed only for breeding purposes:

  • Wetherby’s (Thoroughbreds)
  • Connemara Pony Society
  • Leisure Horse Ireland
  • Warmblood Studbook of Ireland

To endorse an animal from one of these studbooks on our system, you just need to first ensure that you have the animal registered in your name with the issuing authority. After this you just fill in the Irish Issued PIO endorsement form (Available here) and send this to us along with the passport.



Foreign Issued Passports

Any foreign horses that come into the country need to be endorsed on to the Irish Horse Register within 30 days of coming into the country. You just have to complete the Foreign Issued Passport endorsement form and send it to us with the passport.

When this is done we will notify the Department of Agriculture of the movement as well as allowing you to breed from these animals in the future.



HSI Registrations Unit office hours:

  • Open to the public from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
  • The phone line is open from 9am to 4.30pm (Monday to Friday), with the exception of Wednesday when we open at 09.30 to facilitate staff training. Please note the phone lines will be closed from 1pm to 2pm for lunch – 045 850800
  • For urgent registrations applications must be lodged by 11am with the HSI Registration Unit.