Stallion Selections

Horse Sport Ireland Stallion Selections 2019

The Horse Sport Ireland stallion selections are taking place at Cavan Equestrian on the 27th and 28th March 2019. This year a total of 34 stallions will be presented for selection, including 16 sport horse stallions, 14 Irish Draught stallions, 3 Thoroughbred stallions and 1 pony stallion. The selection will include a conformation, movement and athleticism assessment using linear profiling. On Thursday afternoon, 28th March, Sport Horse stallions will be assessed jumping under saddle.  Breeders in attendance will have the opportunity to hear comments from the chairman of the selection panel summarising the panel’s evaluation of each stallion. There will also be a member of staff available at the venue to demonstrate IHR online processes and you can renew your Irish Horse Board membership.

This is approved DAFM Knowledge Transfer event, registration for group participants will be on the Wednesday 27th March 2019 from 10.45am to 11.45am ONLY.

Spectators are most welcome and encouraged to attend the stallion selections. We particularly want to extend a warm welcome to our visitors from overseas.

2019 HSI Stallion Selection Timetable

Date Time Studbook Type of Inspection

27th March 2019

9.00 am – 6.00 pm Irish Sport Horse Studbook Stage 1 – Linear profiling and in hand movement, loose movement and athleticism
  10.00 pm – 5.00 pm Irish Draught Horse Studbook Class 1 – Linear Profiling and in hand movement/athleticism

28th March 2019

9.00 am – 11.00 am Irish Sport Horse Studbook Stage 1 – Linear profiling and in hand movement, loose movement and athleticism
  12.00pm Irish Sport Horse Studbook Linear profiling & Stage 2 (ridden)


CLICK HERE for the schedule of Sport Horse Stallions for assessment

CLICK HERE for the schedule of Irish Draught Stallions for assessment


HSI Stallion Selection Applications 2019

Horse Sport Ireland will be holding Irish Sport Horse and Irish Draught Horse stallion selections at Cavan Equestrian Centre on 27th and 28th March 2019. Closing date for receipt of applications has been extended to Friday 25th January 2019.

This year we will continue to offer two options for veterinary. Option 1 where applicants can undergo the same veterinary process as in previous years i.e. submitting a pre-selection veterinary form, EVA, EIA, CEM certificates and X-Rays from a veterinary surgeon listed on the ‘HSI Radiography Panel’ and the stallion will undergo the clinical veterinary examination on the day of selection by HSI appointed veterinary surgeons.
Option 2 where applicants can opt to have their stallion undergo the veterinary examination prior to the selection at a HSI Designated clinic (i.e. see stallion applications). This option allows applicants to have the stallion prepared for selection with the knowledge that the stallion has met the veterinary requirements in advance of the selection.

Please download an application, veterinary form or procedures and guidelines below:



Stallion Application Veterinary Form 2019

Procedures and Guidelines for ISH Stallion Selections 2019

Procedures and Guidelines for ID Stallion Selections 2019

Big increase in Thoroughbred stallions presented at Horse Sport Ireland Stallion Selections in Cavan

The 2018 Horse Sport Ireland Stallion Selections took place over two days on the 21st and 22nd of March in Cavan Equestrian Centre. In total, 28 stallions were presented for inspection, 18 Irish Sport Horse stallions, nine Irish Draught stallions and one pony stallion. A total of five Thoroughbred stallions were presented this year up from one in 2016 with three Thoroughbred’s going on to be approved.

In the Irish Sport Horse Studbook section, 18 stallions were presented for assessment. Seven of these were eligible for full approval on the day and of these four stallions were Approved. Two were Thoroughbred stallions presented for linear profiling having met the performance criteria for Approval with a Timeform rating exceeding TF105. A third Thoroughbred stallion was also Approved having met the veterinary, conformation and athleticism requirements of the assessments. In addition, an Irish Sport Horse stallion was awarded Preliminary Approved status when he completed a Stage Two assessment having been ridden over an HSI-prescribed course by his rider and then ridden by an HSI-appointed test rider.

Of the remaining eleven stallions presented for a Stage One assessment, six stallions met the required standard and will be subject to a Stage Two assessment (ridden test) at a later date.

In the Irish Sport Pony Studbook, just one pony stallion was presented and was Approved, meeting the veterinary, conformation and athleticism requirements of the assessment.

For the Irish Draught Horse Studbook, nine Irish Draught stallions were presented for inspection and three achieved Class 1 status after their veterinary, conformation and athleticism tests.

Commenting on the 2018 inspections, Alison Corbally, HSI Director of Breeding and Programmes, stated:

“I want to recognise the standard of the stallions presented at the HSI stallion Selections 2018 which appears to improve with each passing year and to show appreciation to the owners have gone to great lengths to have their animals in excellent condition and properly prepared for their test. I want to record my thanks to the audience who attended the event and we wish to thank the Cavan Equestrian Centre and to all who participated at this successful event for their assistance.”


Provisional Irish Sport Horse Studbook Stallion Inspection Results 2018
Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Ascalon GB (TB) 2004 Galileo (IRE) (TB) Tempolino (USA) (TB) Michael Mescal Approved
Centennial IRE (TB) 2005 Dalakhani (IRE) (TB) Lure (USA) (TB) John Varley Approved
Jack the Robin  (TB) 2015 Robin De La Maison (IRE) (TB) Gothland (FR) (TB) Ann Lambert Approved
Celtic Hero B Z (ZANG) 2012 Calikot Hero (sBs) Caretano Z (HOLST) Andrea Etter & Luc Henry Preliminary Approved
Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Ballyfore First Flight  (ISH) 2014 Cobra (HOLST) Errigal Flight (ISH) Elaine O’Neill Not Approved 1
Chilli Lion (ISH) 2015 Chillout (ISH) Ard VDL Douglas (KWPN) Fiona Sheridan Not Approved 1
HHS Cornet (ISH) 2015 Cornet Obolensky (BWP) OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) Marion Hughes Not Approved 1
Jorado (KWPN) 2014 Diarado (HOLST) Sandro Song (OLD) GBBS Int. Ltd Not Approved 1
Lagans OBOS Quality (ISH) 2014 OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) Cavalier Royale (HOLST) Kennedy Brothers Sport Horses Not Approved 1
SHS SoCo Blue (KWPN) 2015 Zirocco Blue (HOLST) Clearway Ronan Rothwell & David Cullen Not Approved 1
Provisional Irish Draught Horse Studbook Stallion Inspection Results 2018
Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Archie The Great 2015 Moylough Bouncer (IDC1) Castana (IDC1) Martin Egan Class 1
Hollypark Diamond 2015 Castlegar Fin Grove (IDC1) All The Diamonds (IDC1) Joe Sharkey Class 1
Windgap Reliance 2014 Windgap Blue


Gortlea Ruler(IDC1) Michael & Chris Mannion Class 1
Provisional Irish Sport Pony Studbook Stallion Inspection
Stallion Name YOB Sire Dam Sire Owner Classification
Blaengewn Kato Star (WPC) 2007 Synod Master Man (WPC) Fronarth Mattie (WPC) Valerie Gateau Approved

Stallion Selection Results

The Stallion Selection results for the Irish Draught Horse Studbook and the Irish Sport Horse Studbook are available by clicking on the years below. A full list of stallions, their stallion pages and videos of the selections are available


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Voluntary Code of Practice for Stallion and Mare Owners

HSI has published a Voluntary Code of Practice for Stallion and Mare Owners which was produced by the Irish Equine Centre. This publication outlines voluntary recommendations to help breeders, in conjunction with their veterinary surgeons, to prevent and control specific equine diseases. Download the Code of Practice