HSI Rule Book

It is important for all athletes to be aware of the Horse Sport Ireland general rules. See the table of contents for the HSI Rule Book below.

1. Application of General Rules
2. Licensing of Athletes
3. Passport and registration of Horse(s)
4. Selection of Athlete and/or Horse to Irish international team
5. Invitation to International Events
6. Entry in International Events
7. Withdrawal from International Events
8. Conduct of Athlete at International Events
9. Conduct of Owners at International Events
10. Disciplinary Committee
11. Disciplinary Process
12. Hearing procedures
13. Penalties
14. Appeals
15. Equine Anti-Doping and Equine Controlled Medication
16. Anti-doping for Athletes
17. Miscellaneous
18. Interpretation
19. Definitions
Appendix – Equine Anti-Doping and Equine Controlled Medication Rules

Just Sport Ireland Arbitration Rules

It is also important that athletes are aware of and adhere to the Just Sport Ireland Arbitration Rules. Please click on the link below to view them.