Covering Certificate Check

Horse Sport Ireland has developed a new online facility for breeders to check if the covering certificate has been returned to HSI for their particular mare. Simply, click on the button below and type in your mares name in the search area and if a covering certificate has been received for last year’s covering, the details of this covering will be displayed.

If your mare is not listed please check the following areas and take action quickly:

  • Have you received a letter from HSI in relation to receipt of an incomplete covering certificate, if so please respond with the details requested as soon as possible.
  • Is the mare in your ownership, please check the mare’s ownership pages 6-10 of her passport? To download a change of ownership form please follow link:
  • Is the mare named in her passport? She must be named prior to registering a foal.
  • Have you given the IHR number to the stallion owner? They need the details to complete the covering certificate.
  • If you have a passport that was not issued by the Irish Horse Register please ensure you have had the passport endorsed i.e. is there a label with the following statement in the passport – This animal is entered on the Irish Horse Register under number…..

If the mare is in your ownership and named in the IHR and no covering certificate is declared please contact the stallion owner directly.

There are currently no delays in processing covering certificates. If a covering certificate is declared and you have not received your foal registration kit within 7 days of postal date, please contact us.