Coach Education Programme

‘Good Coaching Makes a Difference’

The Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) Coaching Programme is designed to provide candidates with a clear and systematic educational pathway to a career as a successful professional equestrian coach.

HSI coaching courses are delivered by professional equestrian Coach Developers, using modern techniques to improve candidates’ technical knowledge and coaching skills in order to enhance horse and rider performance.

This 4-tiered coaching programme introduces candidates to the basic skills and techniques of equestrian coaching and systematically develops their technical knowledge and coaching style as they progress through each tier of the programme.

Candidates at Level 1 have the option to choose from two professional coaching qualifications; The National Development Coach (NDC) which is designed for those who wish to become high performing coaches at grassroots level and the National Performance Coach (NPC) option which caters for aspiring high-performance coaches, who have prior coaching experience. The NPC qualification enables progression towards Level 2 of the programme.

The HSI Coaching Programme offers additional educational opportunities by providing comprehensive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities. The CPD programme covers a range of topics from sports psychology, equine health and welfare, modern training techniques and recognises relevant and practical experience.

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