Hugely impressive run of results for Irish Para Dressage riders at Keysoe International

  • 4 October 2019, 08:48

Irish Para Dressage riders have recorded an excellent run of results at Keysoe International which is taking place this week in the UK. Tamsin Addison took victory in the Grade V Freestyle on Thursday’s with Donna Siesta on a score of 72.21%, while Lucinda Blakiston Houston took runner-up spot with Happy Feet 3.

There was another Irish win in the Grade IV Freestyle for Rosemary Gaffney with Werona on a score of 74.23%. Kate Kerr-Horan and Serafina T finished fourth in the Grade III Freestyle, while Michael Murphy took fifth place with Skjoldsgaard Hippo-vo in the Grade I Freestyle.

On Wednesday in Keysoe, Tamsin Addison filled first place with Donna Siesta and second with Fahrenheit in the Grade V, while Lucinda Blakiston Houston finished third with Happy Feet 3. Rosemary Gaffney took victory in Tuesday’s Grade IV with Werona, while Angela Lyons took sixth spot with Woodcroft Santa Cruz.

Kate Kerr-Horan took second place in the Grade III on Tuesday and was third the following day, while Michael Murphy took 7th place in the Grade I. Angela Lyons finished fifth in the Grade IV on Wednesday, while there was a runner-up finish for Kathryn Daisy Gallagher in the Grade V.

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