Organisers report 25,000 WEG tickets sold in 3 days

  • 7 March 2014, 16:20

THE organisers of the World Equestrian Games report that the third phase of ticket sales (individual ticket sales in France and worldwide) has got off to a great start with some 25,000 places sold in three days (15,000 of which were on the first day) and a daily average that currently stands at 1,200 places.
At the top of the leaderboard are the three Olympic disciplines (Show jumping, Eventing and Dressage totalling around 10,000 places in 3 days).

The cross-country in the Eventing at Le Pin National Stud (6,000 places sold in three days), the marathon in the 4-horse Driving competition (nearly 1,000 places) and the Reining (over 1,000 places), are also favourites among the public.

To date, all the places for the final of the Reining, and the dressage and the jumping in the Eventing have been sold, it was reported. Though there is still a great deal still available in the other competitions, the organisers ask that spectators do not delay in finding out what’s on offer and if possible to book now.

The overseas demand for tickets is continuing to soar and, in Normandy, the rate of sales is roughly the same as previously observed. The Ile de France region’s sales are up considerably.

Prior to the opening of Phase 3 on 4 March 2014: 215,000 places had been sold since 6 June 2013 (pass format) out of 420,000/ Total on D+3: 240,010 places sold in session format.

Average cost of ticket purchased: 25 Euro


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