HSI launches Equestrian Industry Sentiment Survey

  • 1 December 2023, 16:52

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) launched a new survey for the equestrian industry this afternoon, with an aim of gaining an understanding of the sentiment among those involved in equine farming and breeding practices, placing a particular focus on the people and staff within these businesses.

Following on from last year’s ‘The Business of Breeding 2022’, this survey places more of an emphasis on the requirements of equine operations around the country from a personnel perspective.

It will analyse the expectations and concerns of Ireland’s breeders and the challenges facing individual operations, while also looking into the overall sentiment of participants towards the equine industry in this country.

The Business of Breeding 2022’ provided an in-depth look into equine breeders’ prior on-farm investments and their intentions. It identified a plan by the country’s 9,000+ active sport horse breeders to invest €342 million over the next three years.

That report was based on investment sentiment analysis and was shared with breeders registered in the Irish Horse Register, sport horse breeding groups, breed societies and other Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine-approved studbooks. The research was conducted at a time when the challenges of Brexit, climate change and rising inflation were well known.

The aim of the 2023 HSI Equestrian Industry Sentiment Survey is to produce an analysis of businesses within the industry, in order to assist in the seeking of further supports for them, enabling operations to manage, upskill and retain staff in today’s thriving employment market.

HSI Chief Executive, Denis Duggan, said: “Off the back of last year’s ‘The Business of Breeding 2022’ report conducted on behalf of the equestrian community in Ireland, with TAMS in mind, we are urging all stakeholders to take part in this research survey so we can provide supports to breeding operations big and small.

“The results of this survey will provide HSI with an in-depth look at operations across the country, with particular focus on how these operations can support their own staff, keep staff in their employ and help them upskill.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at IFAC again, whose hard work enabled us to lobby Government for further funding to equine farmers through TAMS in 2022 and we hope that uptake for this survey is as strong as that for ‘The Business of Breeding 2022’.”

This survey is being conducted independently by IFAC on behalf of HSI, is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine under National Breeding Services.


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