Showjumping: Conor Swail wins Canadian World Cup Grand Prix for second year in a row

  • 29 September 2014, 20:55

For the second year in a row Conor Swail won the $50,000 World Cup Grand Prix, at the Canadian Jumping Tournament at the Caledon Pam Am Equestrian Park on the mare Ariana owned by Susan Grange. He defeated legendary Canadian rider Ian Miller.

Last year he won the the competition riding Ariel and Susan Grange’s Landsdowne.

Speaking after his winning round Conor Swail said “I kept an eye on Ian because he has been on such a roll and he had a very fast round…there was a turn inside the double combination to an oxer that I did. I was the only one that did it and obviously it saved time. It was a high risk move and it paid off for me in the end.”




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