In this section you will find information on Anti-Bullying, including the Horse Sport Ireland Anti-Bullying Policy, Anti-Bullying Posters, Anti-Bullying activities to use with young people in your affiliate/club and much more.

What is Bullying?

Currently there is no legal definition for bullying, The Northern Ireland Anti -Bullying Forum (NIABF) have defined it as:

“Bullying is the repeated use of power by one or more persons intentionally to harm, hurt or adversely affect the rights of another or others.”

An Anti-Bullying Survey carried out by researchers at the anti-bullying charity, “Ditch the Label” discovered some harrowing statistics on bullying in young people:

  • 1 in 10 children surveyed have experienced bullying
  • 25% of children worry about bullying/being bullied on a regular basis
  • 8 out of 10 children with a learning difficulty are bullied
  • Majority of young people claiming they are bullied due to appearance, weight or body shape.

Bullying has a long term effect on our young people, and needs to be combated.

Anti-Bullying Week 2015 (ABW15)Make a Noise ABW15

Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Week 2015 will run from November 16th to November 20th, get invol
ved and help us to end bullying in Equestrian Sports.

The theme for ABW15 is “What Does Bullying Mean to Me?”. Follow Team Ireland Equestrian and the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum (NIABF) on Twitter to make a noise against bullying for ABW15!

Team Ireland Eqeustrain on Twitter

NIABF on Twitter

Horse Sport Ireland Anti-Bullying Policy

Click here to download a copy of our Anti-Bullying Policy. This policy is an appendix to the Horse Sport Ireland Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Youths and Vulnerable Adults in our Sports and as such, all HSI Affiliates are bound by this policy.

Anti-Bullying Posters

Download some posters to help promote Anti-Bullying in your club!

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

Anti-Bullying Activities

Doing activities with young people in your affiliate/club to create awareness about bullying is a great way to educate young people and help reduce bulling in Equestrian Sports.

Click here to download activity sheets.