Carriage Driving Membership 2024

Carriage Driving Membership 2024

Please complete all fields below as required and be sure to select the correct membership type from the list below. New members will not be confirmed until the HSI Carriage Driving Committee approve membership. There is a new membership category for under 25 years. Verification of age may be requested from the Committee.
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If you are joining Carriage Driving Ireland as a new member you must be nominated by an existing member. Your application will be put to the Carriage Driving Ireland Committee for approval.

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Equine Registration

Equine Animal Registration (€10 per Equine)
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Additional Junior Driver

This section is for any additional Junior Driver at €20 each. Please note that Junior Drivers must join with an Adult Driver. A Junior Driver cannot join with a Supporting Member
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Declarations - Please Read Carefully

I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, all the information here is correct and there is no reason why this membership should not be granted. I have taken it upon myself to source and read the Horse Sport Ireland General Rules the (‘General Rules’) as well as Horse Sport Ireland’s Code of Conduct (“Code of Conduct”) and I confirm that I understood same. I confirm that I agree to comply with and be bound by Horse Sport Ireland’s General Rules, Horse Sport Ireland Code of Conduct, HSI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations and the Sport Ireland Human Anti-Doping Rules as amended from time to time. I agree and confirm that while I am a registered athlete/driver of the Carriage Driving Section of Horse Sport Ireland, I will be subject to, and will I comply with the aforementioned rules. I understand that pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016, my consent is required for Horse Sport Ireland to process personal data which it may have in its possession concerning me, or if applicable my child, including disclosure to third parties such as, but not limited to, the HSI Sports Department Administrators, the insurance company who provides cover for the Carriage Driving programme and Organising Committees at Carriage Driving events. I confirm that I have reviewed Horse Sport Ireland’s Data Protection and Privacy policies (available at or on request) and I note that Horse Sport Ireland will only process my personal data and, if applicable the personal data of my child, for legitimate business purposes relating to the Carriage Driving Programme 2023 and/or where required by law. All processing will have due regard to the DPA 2018 and GDPR 2016. I note that this personal data may include sensitive personal data, as defined within the DPA and GDPR, the processing of which requires my explicit consent. I note that Horse Sport Ireland will honour my rights and freedoms and if applicable the rights and freedoms of my child, at all times, including my and if applicable my child's rights as a data subject, as long as there is no other overriding law which limits those privileges. By confirming payment below, I consent to the processing of any information relating to me, either contained in this form or otherwise, for the purpose of running Horse Sport Ireland’s Carriage Driving Programme 2024. I note that annual subscriptions fall due on 1st January each year and that driving members’ insurance cover runs concurrently with the subscription.


Consistent with previous years, personal liability insurance is not available as part of the HSI Carriage Driving Section membership. The Carriage Driving Section is part of HSI, as such, our official events benefit from the HSI public liability insurance coverage for the running of events. As a result, if a claimant holds the Carriage Driving section of HSI (Horse Sport Ireland) responsible for an accident, they are indemnified for the first 10 events under the HSI policy. However, if a member/participant causes an accident at a Carriage driving event and someone holds the member/participant liable, they need to have their own cover in place and the HSI policy will not indemnify them. As a result, we require all drivers to carry their own personal liability coverage to drive or compete at HSI events. For avoidance of doubt, it is the responsibility of members to assess their own personal insurance needs relative to terms, conditions and exclusions of coverage offered as part of the aforementioned memberships.

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