Bidding prcess for World Equestrian Games re-opened

  • 2 July 2013, 15:32

THE FEI has re-opened the bidding process for the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018 following yesterday’s Bureau meeting at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI), but has specifically asked the Canadian bid from Bromont/Montreal to remain a part of that process.

There had been an expectation that the FEI Bureau would allocate the 2018 Games to Bromont/Montreal today following the Bid Committee’s strong presentation to the Bureau, but the Canadian delegation was unable to provide the full public sector financial support that was required before an allocation could be made. As a result, the Bureau is to re-open the bidding process for the 2018 Games, but with the clear intent that Bromont/Montreal remains in the mix.

“The Bromont/Montreal bid was very impressive on all technical aspects and it is hugely disappointing, both for the bid team and for the FEI, that the Bureau was unable to allocate the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 today”, FEI President HRH Princess Haya said, “but unfortunately, without the necessary financial support, the FEI and the organisers would be exposed to an unacceptable financial risk.

“In these circumstances, re-opening the bidding process was clearly the only option open to us, but we are very hopeful that Bromont/Montreal will be a part of that new bidding process.”

All National Federations that submitted signed Expression of Interest documents prior to the November 2011 deadline for the first phase of the bidding process were informed that solid financial support to cover the cost of staging the event was a key requirement.

The FEI Bureau will now re-open the bidding process and the Bromont/Montreal bid team has confirmed that it will be re-bidding for the 2018 Games. Providing the Bromont/Montreal bid team can secure the required financial support, the Canadian bid will be evaluated in the same way as other applicants that come forward.

The delegation that presented the official Bromont and Montreal bid book to the FEI Bureau today was led by Paul Côté, President of the Bromont Bid Committee. The team also included the President of Equine Canada Mike Gallagher, Equine Canada CEO Jean Christophe Gandubert, President of Bromont International Roger Deslauriers, technical advisor Leopoldo Palacios, Bromont Bid Director Benoit Girardin and Rene Perreault, representing the Bromont property developers.

“We are of course extremely disappointed by today’s decision by the FEI Bureau not to allocate the 2018 Games to Canada, but despite our best efforts, we were unable to put the full financial support in place in time,” Bromont Bid Committee President Paul Côté said. “We obviously respect the FEI Bureau’s decision completely, and we will continue our efforts to secure the financial backing we need. We now need to redouble our efforts with our federal and provincial government partners. We have a very strong bid and we are confident that we can stage a wonderful FEI World Equestrian Games in Bromont.”

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