Horse Sport Ireland Eventing & Show Jumping Challenge to offer new €20,000 bonus incentive at Irish International venues

  • 6 April 2018, 15:45

Horse Sport Ireland are delighted to announce a new €20,000 bonus incentive scheme (€10,000 for Eventing & €10,000 for Show Jumping) aimed at attracting more international riders and in turn increasing entries at International Eventing and Show Jumping venues in Ireland.

The Horse Sport Ireland Eventing and Horse Sport Ireland Jumping Challenge is a link of Irish International Events and is sponsored by the Irish National Federation, Horse Sport Ireland. This is a Lower Level Series, as defined by the FEI, therefore the CIM (Concours International Mineur) events which are classified as CIC/CCI 1* and 2* FEI Eventing events and 1* and 2* Grand Prix show jumping classes, fall within the scope of the Series for 2018.

All athletes participating in the stated classes are eligible for a €10,000 prize bonus regardless of nationality. This will encourage athletes to make multiple entries at Irish events in a bid to win the €10,000 bonus.

Full rules and regulations for the Horse Sport Ireland Eventing Challenge are available HERE

Full rules and regulations for the Horse Sport Ireland Jumping Challenge are available HERE


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