Horse Sport Ireland International Breeders Prizes

  • 13 July 2018, 10:04

Horse Sport Ireland is delighted to introduce new breeder prizes for 2018 to further recognise and reward the individuals responsible for breeding Ireland’s top Showjumpers and Eventers.

These prizes will be awarded to the breeders of the top 3 Irish-bred horses in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) year-end rankings in both Showjumping and Eventing.

The WBFSH rankings are published online each month from April to October, with the final rankings being announced in early November. At this point the recipients of these breeders’ prizes will be announced.

This is open to the breeders of all Irish-bred horses with sire, dam and breeder officially recorded, irrespective of the horse studbook of origin. The breeder’s prizes will work as follows.

Highest Ranking Showjumping Eventing
1st €1,500 €1,500
2nd €1000 €1,000
3rd €500 €500
TOTAL €3,000 €3,000

Speaking about the new initiative, Horse Sport Ireland CEO Ronan Murphy added “Such horses are fantastic brand ambassadors for Ireland and it is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of their respective breeders.”

Further information on the WBFSH Studbook and Breeder Rankings can be found HERE.

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