Horse Sport Ireland Publish Mare Genetic Evaluation Report

  • 24 March 2016, 15:57

Horse Sport Ireland has today published a Mare Genetic Evaluation Report. Genetic evaluation is a scientific objective, statistical assessment of the genetic merit of horses.  The results of the Genetic Evaluation are published as Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and the HSI report provides us with mare EBVs for show jumping ability at international level.  The EBVs measures the difference between each mare’s genetic ability for international level show jumping and the average genetic ability for show jumping for the Irish population.

The report contains three lists of mares:

  1. Mares with ‘Elite BVs’ (representing the top 5% of Irish Sport Horse mares) (Pages 1 to 8, highlighted with a red table border)
  2. Mares with ‘Superior BVs’ (representing the top 25%) (Pages 9 -48 highlighted with a purple table border)
  3. Mares with above average BVs (representing the top 50%) (Pages 48-116 highlighted with a blue table border)

These EBVs are predictions of the genetic advantage that the mare will pass on to its offspring for the trait of show jumping and are calculated using pedigree information and information on each mare’s own performance and from all of its relatives, including parents and progeny. Breeding values change every year as more data becomes available, for example, as the number of a mare’s progeny competing increases.  If you feel there is more data or show jumping results available for your mare please contact us and let us know and we will include all verified results for the next report.

Breeding Values are awarded a reliability value which reflects the amount and type of information used in the calculation of the BV and can range from 0 to 100%.  More information on a horse results in a higher reliability.  EBVs with a low reliability are likely to change, either upwards or downwards, as more information becomes available.  Mare BVs with a reliability below 30% are not published in the HSI report.

Commenting on the publication of the Mare Genetic Evaluation Report, Alison Corbally, HSI Director of Breeding and Programmes, stated “This report is provides breeders with valuable information on the mare herd in Ireland.  The recently published ‘Reaching New Heights’ industry strategy document recommended to profile and benchmark the mare herd in Ireland and I feel that this report goes a long way to meet this goal.  I hope that breeders will find this report together with the Stallion EBV’s in the stallion book to be very informative for this breeding season.”

 CLICK HERE to download the HSI Mare Genetic Evaluation Report.

Information on stallion EBVs are available in the HSI Stallion Book go to

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