Horse Sport Ireland Winter Loose Jumping Competition

  • 29 October 2021, 15:39

Horse Sport Ireland will host their annual 3 and 4-year-old filly, horse and pony loose jumping competition this November. For 2021 we are also including a similar competition for young colts. The aim of these classes is to identify young performance colts and fillies for the future production and classification for breeding and to reward the successful breeders. The classes are open to all DAFM and WBFSH studbook registered colts and fillies.

An additional section has been introduced this year for Traditional Irish Horse (TIH) colts. This is being incorporated to assist in the identification of any potential young TIH stallions for potential future breeding in Ireland. A number of the breeding schemes run by Horse Sport Ireland this year has already supported the breeding (ET scheme and TB% Scheme) of TIH foals and the repatriation of TIH Irish performance bloodlines through the Mare upgrade scheme. The TIH loose jumping section now seeks to to support the identification and potential retention of suitable TIH performance colts.

Horse Sport Ireland are delighted to offer a generous prize fund for both owners and breeders across all three competition sections. The filly horse section has a total prize fund of €22,500 with prizes going down to eighth place and an additional €7,500 in breeder’s prizes. The colt all-breed competition boasts €7,200 in prizemoney and €2,250 for their breeders. The TIH colt competition boasts a €22,000 prize fund and an additional €4,500 in breeder’s prizes. The filly pony section prize fund is €3,500 with an additional €1,000 in breeder’s prizes.

Pony Section
Creagh (12th November) – Closing date 10th November

Horse Section (Fillies, Colts & TIH colts)
Tubberbride (11th November) – Closing date 9th November
Kernans (17th November) – Closing date 15th November
Warrington EC (22nd November) – Closing date 20th November

The colt and filly competitions are open to any three or four-year-old horse that is registered in a DAFM approved Studbook or WBFSH Studbook. The TIH competitions are open to any three and four-year-old colts registered in a DAFM studbook with a verified TIH classification. The filly pony competition is open to any three and four-year-old pony that is registered in an EU Studbook.

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