Huge turnout at official 2022 FEI Pony Measuring held at Cavan Equestrian Centre

  • 24 January 2022, 11:52

A massive 181 Irish ponies registered to attend the official 2022 FEI Pony measuring which took place over two days last week at Cavan International Equestrian Centre – one of the highest numbers of ponies to be presented at an FEI pony measuring across Europe.


Irish pony riders are always hugely competitive on the international jumping circuit and the huge numbers attending this official 2022 FEI Pony measuring, points once again to a strong Irish pony contingent set to compete on the international stage over the season ahead.

Horse Sport Ireland would like to extend their special gratitude to the Pony Owners, the FEI Veterinary Officials and Stewards, Cavan Equestrian Centre (Natalie and Stuart) for their excellence service delivery, and the HSI Sport Team, Brid, Susann and Aileen for managing the FEI Registrations in such a tight timeframe.

Pony Owners who intended to compete for the first time in 2022 were obliged to present to a FEI Measuring Session along with FEI Ponies currently within the transition period. A new pony measuring system was introduced by the FEI from January 1st 2020. Among the new systems put in place, all new pony registrations now must be measured at an Official FEI Measuring Session. A transition period for ponies already registered with the FEI runs until 31 December 2022, after which the new system will be fully implemented.

Full details of the new system can be found HERE


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