Irish Sport Horse Cooley Quicksilver Wins CCI4*-S in Stable View Spring, USA

  • 12 April 2023, 15:36
Irish Sport Horses finish first and second in CCI4*-S

American rider Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp partnered the 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding Cooley Quicksilver to victory in the CCI4*-S in Stable View Spring, USA. The pair only added 1.6 time penalties to their dressage score of 23.9, to win the class on a score of 25.5 just ahead of fellow Irish Sport Horse Off The Record, ridden by William Coleman on a score of 27.0. Off The Record is entered to compete in the CCI5*-L in Kentucky in two weeks time.

See below for the full list of Irish-bred Eventing results:

Larkhill (UK). 8th – 9th April 2023

Open Novice Sec H

1st Kilnaboy Buffet (ISH) – 2008 gelding by French Buffet (TB) out of Cotton Foot [ISH] by Tammouz (TB). Breeder: Patrick McCormack, Co Clare. Rider: Chelsea Pearse (GBR) 25.8, 0, 0.4 = 26.2

3rd Midnight Endeavour (ISH) – 2016 mare by Future Trend (OLD) out of Annsfort Coole Robin (ISH) by Ricardo Z (ZANG). Breeder: James Nash, Co Clare. Rider: Tom Jackson (GBR) 26.5, 4, 0.0 = 30.5

4th Bloomfield Tiger Two (ISH)[TIH] – 2010 gelding by Ghareeb (TB) out of Bloomfield Rebekah (P)(ISH)[TIH] by Sea Crest (ID). Breeder: Daphne Tierney, Co Wicklow. Rider: Ellouise Bragg (GBR) 35.8, 4, 4.8 = 44.6

8th Clouded Leopard (ISH) – 2002 gelding by Olympic Lux (KWPN) out of Golden Stirrup (TB) by Green Shoon (TB). Breeder: John Flynn, Co Waterford. Rider: Jessica Coombes (GBR) 34.3, 12, 7.2 = 53.5

10th Shannondale Aldo (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BEWB) out of Annie Shannondale Z (ZANG) by Andiamo Z (NRPS). Breeder: Shannondale Stud, Co Clare. Rider: Alexander Bragg (GBR) 33.0, 11, 13.2 = 57.2.

Open Novice Under 18 Sec I

1st Jag Womanizer Lady (ISH) – 2015 mare by Womanizer (KWPN) out of Ballyscully Beauty (ISH) by Silvono (KWPN). Breeder: Liam Gaffney, Co Kildare. Rider: Beatrice Montgomerie (GBR) 33.8, 0, 0.0 = 33.8

2nd Buenos Quality (ISH) – 2013 mare by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Shanbeg Grey Striker (ISH) by Maltstriker (KWPN). Breeder: Patrick Murphy, Co Wexford. Rider: Beatrice Montgomerie (GBR) 28.5, 4, 3.6 = 36.1.

Novice Sec E

6th CHF Captain Jacob (ISH)[TIH] – 2017 gelding by Castlelawn Captain Junior (ISH)[TIH] out of Puma Cruise (ISH)[TIH] by Cougar (ISH)[TIH] Breeder: Darragh O’Reilly. Rider: Ginny Howe (GBR) 34.0, 0, 6.0 = 40.0.

Novice Sec F

5th Girls Gamble (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Imperial Heights (ISH)[TIH] out of Suweni Hope (ISH) by Major Gold (ISH). Breeder: Eugene Bishop. Rider: Michael Jackson (GBR) 31.3, 0, 11.2 = 42.5

6th Barrington Bear (ISH) [was Mill Road Candy] – 2017 gelding by Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) out of Mill Pride Lass (ISH) by Limmerick (HOLST). Breeder: Padraig Howley. Rider: Harry Meade (GBR) 33.8, 0, 9.6 = 43.4

8th Tubbrid Master [ISH] – 2014 gelding by Yeats (ISH)[TIH] out of Bouncing Molly [ISH] by Grange Bouncer (ID). Breeder: Jason Dunphy, Co Kilkenny. Rider: Lucy Goodey (GBR) 34.8, 4, 7.6 = 46.4.

Novice Sec G

3rd Kilcannon Sensation (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Pointilliste (TB) out of Alda Puissance (ISH) by Puissance (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Michael Byrne. Rider: Tim Rogers (GBR) 26.5, 4, 4.4 = 34.9

4th MBF Redhouse Evoque (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Quantino (HOLST) out of Redhouse Deja Vu (ISH) by Dolmen Deja Vu (ISH). Breeder: Eamonn Donovan. Rider: Kitty King (GBR) 31.3, 0, 8.4 = 39.7

8th Dreaming With Hugo (ISH) [TIH] – 2014 gelding by Puissance (ISH)[TIH] out of Warcraft Kate (TB) by Warcraft (TB). Breeder: Rosemary Ponsonby. Rider: Ben Millard (GBR) 31.5, 4, 8.4 = 43.9.

Novice Sec R

1st In A Nutshell (UNK) – 2013 gelding by an unknown sire out of Miss Serpent Skye (ISH)[TIH] by Windsor Castle (TB). Breeder: Michael Dillane. Rider: Nancy Harper (GBR) 30.5, 0, 0.0 = 30.5

3rd Fortside Cobra (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Guildford Star (ISH) by Star Kingdom (ID). Breeder: Sean Doyle. Rider: Freddie Carden (GBR) 30.0, 0, 3.2 = 33.2

5th Creevaghstables Ificudiwud (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Orestus (KWPN) out of Fados Flight (ISH)[TIH]by Laughtons Flight (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Hiram Wood Hennessy. Rider: Tim Cheffings (GBR) 27.8, 4, 3.2 = 35.0

8th Cooley Capri (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) out of Simona (SWB) by Leuthen I (HOLST). Breeder: Tom Moloney. Rider: Selina Milnes (GBR) 30.8, 4, 1.6 = 36.4

9th Calling Cooley (ISH) [was BSI D Man] – 2016 gelding by Tallmann TN (BWP) out of Ballyhane Ellie (ISH) by Luidam (KWPN). Michael Buckley. Rider: Selina Milnes (GBR) 32.5, 4, 5.2 = 41.7

10th Knockaderry Top Quality (ISH) – 2015 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Porter Molly (ISH) by Porter Rhodes (TB). Breeder: Sean Lanigan Ryan. Rider: Tom Griffiths (GBR) 31.5, 4, 8.8 = 44.3.


Norton Disney (UK). 7th – 9th April 2023.

Open Novice Sec B

2nd Cooley Kan Do (ISH) [was Lenamore Mary Lou] – 2014 mare by Kannan KWPN) out of Calgary Girl (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN). Breeder: Ellie Moloney, Co Waterford. Rider: Piggy March (GBR) 23.8, 0, 0.0 = 23.8

4th Omars Lass (ISH) – 2011 mare by Omar (BWP) out of Skywalkers Lass (TB)[IRL] by Aahsaylad (TB). Breeder: Gillian Hadley, Co Galway. Rider: Eva Carrier (GBR) 32.0, 0, 0.0 = 32.0

5th Dassett Arthalent (ISH) [was Arthalent] – 2015 gelding by Valent (KWPN) out of Timpany Night (ISH)[TIH] by Nigrasine (TB). Breeder: Catherine Abbott. Rider: Piggy March (GBR) 27.5, 0, 4.8 = 32.3

8th Grey Finnsky (ISH)[TIH] – 2009 gelding by Killea Hill View (ID) out of Killea’s Rebel Heart [ISH] by Rich Rebel (TB). Breeder: Liam Kenneally, Co Tipperary. Rider: Kristina Hall-Jackson (GBR) 26.5, 0, 6.4 = 32.9.

Novice Sec F

1st Brookpark Ruby (ISH) – 2013 mare by Kroongraaf (KWNP) out of Tullineaskey Butler’s Simon (ISH)[TIH] by Ballysimon (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Tristan Kingston, Co Cork. Rider: Isabella Castle (GBR) 32.0, 0, 0.8 = 32.8

2nd Fourfields Wonder Woman (ISH) [was Ardagh Celtic Lady] – 2017 mare by Celtic Hero B Z (ZANG) out of Ardagh Ruby (ISH)[TIH] by Puissance (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Tom Whyte. Rider: Heidi Coy (GBR) 32.0, 0, 2.0 = 34.0

3rd KBF Knockmore (ISH) – 2014 gelding by KEC Maximum Joe (WESTF) out of Garrison Nancy (ISH) by Ricardo Z (ZANG). Breeder: Liam Byrne. Rider: Musa Hussain (GBR) 32.5, 0, 4.0 = 36.5

5th KEC Maximum Impact (ISH) – 2016 gelding by KEC Maximum Joe (WESTF) out of KEC Clarissa (ISH) by Aldatus Z (OLD). Breeder: Anna Kennedy, Co Kerry. Rider: Emma Silman (GBR) 32.0, 0, 6.8 = 38.8

10th Coolvaun Ab Fab (ISH) – 2015 mare by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BWP) out of Coolvaun Molly (ISH) by Lancelot (KWPN). Breeder: Mairead Edel & Claire Madigan, Co Clare. Rider: Claire Surl (GBR) 34.8, 4, 4.0 = 42.8.


Breckenbrough (UK). April 8th – 9th 2023.

Open Novice Sec C

3rd BH Gringos Legacy (ISH) – 2015 mare by Tullibards Benny’s Legacy (OLD) out of Gringos Colourfield (ISH)[TIH] by Colourfield (TB). Breeder: Kieran Phelan, Co Laois. Rider: James Adams (GBR) 33.8, 0, 1.2 = 35.0

6th Drumgiven Mr Charisma (ISH)[TIH] – 2015 gelding by Pointilliste (TB) out of Lislan Starlight (ISH)[TIH] by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Sam McCormick, Co Down. Rider: Jeanette Brakewell (GBR) 30.8, 0, 5.2 = 36.0

10th Killaloe Flash The Cash (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Future Trend (OLD) out of Killaloe Duchess (ISH) by ARD VDL Douglas (KWPN). Breeder: Rosemarie Stuart. Rider: Emily King (GBR) 31.3, 0, 7.6 = 38.9.

Open Novice Under 18 Sec D

1st The Ridge Cardento (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Cardemto (HOLST) out of Temple Cavalier [ISH] by Temple Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Ian Smith, Co Carlow. Rider: Ruth Farnsworth (GBR) 26.3, 0, 1.2 = 27.5

2nd Wil Celtic Power Ranger (ISH) – 2012 gelding by Olympic Lux (KWPN) out of Clohane Miss (ISH)[TIH] by Carrabawn View (ID). Breeder: Michael Bourke (Tipperary). Rider: Archie Tulloch (GBR) 27.5, 0, 0.4 = 27.9

5th Kato Ridge (ISH) – 2006 gelding by Ricardo Z (ZANG) out of Funcheon Lady [ISH] by Tara Clover (ID). Breeder: Mary Murphy, Co Cork. Rider: Lucille Jones (GBR) 32.3, 4, 0.0 = 36.3

6th Gortmore Whos Dun It (ISH)[TIH] – 2012 gelding by Templebready Fear Bui (CP) out of Fire Goddess (TB) by Magic Ring (TB). Breeder: H & M Biegel, Co Cork. Rider: Louis Pem (GBR) 28.5, 4, 9.2 = 41.7

7th Augusta Firefly (ISH)[TIH] – 2010 mare by Emperor Augustus (TB) out of Grey Coevers (ISH)[TIH] by Coevers Diamond Boy (ISH). Breeder: Desmond Noctor, Co Wexford. Rider: Sascha Smith (GBR) 32.5, 8, 4.8 = 45.3

10th Halcyon Cruising Lady (ISH) [was Direct Cruising Lady] – 2012 mare by Cavalier Land (ISH) out of Micks Girl (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Peter Rice, Co Monaghan. Rider: Matilda Aplin (GBR) 31.8, 4, 15.6 = 51.4.

Novice Sec A

1st Maplevalleys Concorde (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Royal Concorde (ISH) out of Royale Douglas (ISH) by ARD VDL Douglas (KWPN). Breeder: Aoife Doyle. Rider: Charlotte Donald (GBR) 27.8, 0, 0.0 = 27.8

5th Coolafancy (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Harlequin du Carel (SF) out of Bonnie Puissance (ISH)[TIH] by Bonnie (TB) Prince. Breeder: Michael Byrne. Rider: Jessica McKie (GBR) 31.3, 0, 4.4 = 35.7

6th Frankfort Pointllexi (ISH) – 2016 mare by Pointilliste (TB) out of CHS Lexi [ISH} by Clover Brigade (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Norman Kearney, Co Wexford. Rider: Lucinda Atkinson (GBR) 29.5, 0, 9.6 = 39.1

7th Bullfinch (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Russel (HOLST) out of Annie Spark (TB)[IRL] by Top of the World (TB). Breeder: Peadar Byrne. Rider: Kerry Dicken (GBR) 30.5, 4, 5.6 = 40.1.

Novice Sec B

2nd Graf Crusoe (ISH) – 2012 gelding by Ringfort Cruise (ISH) out of Lough Hyne (TB) by Classic Cliche (TB)[IRL]. Breeder: Brian Livingstone. Rider: Jack Mantel (GBR) 30.3, 0, 0.0 = 30.3

5th Mr Gray (ISH) – 2006 gelding by Flintstone (ISH) out of Hillmount Flight (ISH) by Errigal Flight (ISH). Breeder: Gareth Steenson (Monaghan). Rider: Charlotte Donald (GBR) 32.0, 4, 0.0 = 36.0

6th Finch Hatton (ISH) – 2010 gelding by Furistos Trump [ISH] out of Monroe Girl (TB) by Beneficial (TB). Breeder: Charles Purcell, Co Tipperary. Rider: Dr. Caroline Clarke (GBR) 29.3, 4, 5.6 = 38.9

7th Cecelia Cobra (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Cobra 18 (WEWB) out of Cecelia Woudina (ISH) by Porsch (BWP). Breeder: James Rogan, Co Dublin. Rider: Tom McEwen (GBR) 30.3, 4, 6.4 = 40.7

10th My Atlantic Mario (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Future Trend (OLD) out of Atlantic Biance (ISH) by Aldatus Z (OLD). Breeder: David Browne. Rider: Sam Ecroyd (GBR) 30.0, 0, 12.0 = 42.0.


Kirriemuir (UK). April 9th 2023.

Open Novice Sec G

3rd Shadow Lad (ISH) [was Cranny Lad] – 2011 gelding by Cranny Vol Clover [ISH] out of Cranny Bliss (ISH). Breeder: Flan McNamara, Co Clare. Rider: Douglas Crawford (GBR) 30.8, 0, 5.6 = 36.4.

Novice Sec H

2nd Cooley Master Mischief (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Chacoa (HOLST) out of Fruitition Flame (TB) by Charente River (TB)[IRL]. Breeder: Loe & Danielle Lillis. Rider: Daisy Cross (GBR) 31.8, 0, 6.4 = 38.2

4th Newmarket Becky (ISH) [was Carnsdale Newmarket Dancer] – 2013 mare by Newmarket Jewel (WESTF) out of Newmarket Clare (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Billy Daly. Rider: Amelia England (GBR) 37.3, 4, 5.6 = 46.9

6th Shannondale Mocha (ISH) [was Vajra Silk Flame] – 2016 gelding by Shannondale Sarco st Ghyvan (BWP) out of Dame Butterfly (UNK) by Je Suis Francais (SF). Breeder: Nicola Coffey. Rider: Rachel Williamson (GBR) 34.0, 4, 11.2 = 49.2

7th Mile Beach (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Beach Ball (ISH)out of Lanmore (SIES) by Lougherne Cappuchino (HOLST). Breeder: Georgina & Rodney Gault. Rider: Daniel Ockenden (GBR) 37.8, 0, 12.0 = 49.8

8th Dancing Leprechaun (ISH)[TIH] – 2013 gelding by Aolus (TB) out of Golden Bassomm (ISH)[TIH] by Golden Bash (TB). Breeder: John Hickey. Rider: Grace Moran (GBR) 32.5, 0, 17.6 = 51.0

10th Future Kingdom (ISH)[TIH] – 2015 gelding by Fado Fado (ID) out of Lady Tazma (ISH)[TIH] by Ghareeb (TB).  Breeder: Bryan McKenna. Rider: Daniel Scott (GBR) 36.5, 4, 18.4 = 58.9.


Stable View Spring (USA). 7th – 9th April 2023.


1st Cooley Quicksilver (ISH) [was OSH Del Boy] – 2011 gelding by Womanizer (KWPN) out of Kylemore Crystal (P)(ISH)[TIH] by Vregan Diamond (ID). Breeder: Alan O’Brien, Co Galway. Rider: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA) 23.9, 0, 1.6 = 25.5

2nd Off the Record (ISH) [was Cooley Stateside] – 2009 gelding by VDL Arkansas (KWPN) out of Drumagoland Bay (ISH) by Ard Ohio (KWPN). Breeder: Peter G Brady, Co Cavan. Rider: William Coleman (USA) 27.0, 0, 0.0 = 27.0.


3rd OKE Ruby R (ISH) [was Excel Ruby] – 2013 mare by Namelus R (KWPN) out of B.Termie R 6 (KWPN) by Germus R (KWPN). Breeder: Martina McCrory, Co Tyrone. Rider: Waylon Roberts (CAN) 42.0, 4, 0.0 = 46.0

7th Cooley Moonshine (ISH) [was Monbeg Cartel] – 2012 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Kilpatrick Duchess [ISH) by Kings Master (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: MJ Kavanagh (Wexford). Rider: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA) 28.6, 4, 17.6 = 50.2

8th Paddrick (UNK) – 2011 gelding by Kroongraaf (KWPN) out of a mare by Temple Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Rider: Elle Choate (USA) 36.2, 0, 19.2 = 55.4.


1st In Vogue (ISH) [was Ballymolloy Monbeg Vogue] – 2016 mare by Future Trend (OLD) out of Ballymolly Hollyhock [ISH] by Lester Lad (TB). Breeder: Gill Langford. Rider: Ariel Grald (USA) 24.8, 0, 0.0 = 24.8

2nd Fernhill Salt Lake (ISH) [was Haw Minister] – 2015 gelding by My O My (HOLST) out of Salt Lake City (ISH)[TIH] by Yeats (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: James Hickey. Rider: Waylon Roberts (CAN) 28.5, 0, 0.0 = 28.5

3rd Night Quality (ISH) – 2011 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Night Fly (ISH) by Maltstriker (KWPN). Breeder: Jim Seymour, Co Tipperary. Rider: Isabelle Bosley (USA) 28.9, 0, 0.0 = 28.9

9th Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 (ISH) [was Briarhill Lui Bay] – 2015 mare by Kings Cornet [ISH] out of Briarhill Cruise (ISH) by Luidam (KWPN). Breeder: Anne Coyne. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 31.1, 0, 7.2 = 38.3.


1st Leamore Master Plan (ISH) [was Sambuco] – 2009 gelding by Master Imp (TB) out of Ardragh Bash (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Michael Byrne, Co Wicklow. Rider: Ariel Grald (USA) 25.9, 4.8, 6.8 = 37.5.

Open Intermediate

3rd Carlsburg (ISH)[TIH] – 2012 gelding by Puissance (ISH)[TIH] out of Flame and Passion (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Michael Reck Jnr, Co Wexford. Rider: Eliza Quigley (USA) 32.1, 4, 16.0 = 52.1

8th Monbeg Myth (ISH) [was Piltown Capitalist] – 2010 gelding by Capitalist (HOLST) out of Piltown Precious (ISH)[TIH] by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Patrick Doody (Kilkenny). Rider: Erin Renfroe (USA) 36.8, 0, 29.6 = 66.4

9th Poynstown Jaguar (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Jaguar Mail (SF) out of Tireragh Stepping Stone (ISH) by Limmerick (HOLST). Breeder: Jim Tempany, Co Sligo. Rider: Alex Martini (USA) 44.3, 0.8, 24.8 = 69.9

10th Cooley Gentleman (ISH) [was HHS Oaklands] – 2014 gelding by Acorad 3 (OLD) out of HHS Crystal Clear [ISH] by The Echo Factor [ISH]. Breeder: Miguel Bravo, Co Kilkenny. Rider: Lillian Heard Wood (USA) 33.4, 4, 38.8 = 76.2.

Open Preliminary

2nd HTS Jensen R (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of HTS Lady Clermont (ISH)[TIH] by Rhyne Clover (ISH). Breeder: Brian Kieran. Rider: Katie Lichten (USA) 27.9, 2, 0.0 = 29.9

3rd Grey Area (ISH)[TIH] – 2006 gelding by Accondy (TB) out of Merry Gypsy (P)(ISH)[TIH] by Gypsy Duke (ISH)[TIH] Breeder: Daniel Kelly, Co Clare. Rider: Susan Gornal (USA) 29.5, 0, 4.4 = 33.9

6th HSH Tolan King (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of Kilmolash Clover Rhodes (ISH)[TIH] by Porter Rhodes (TB). Breeder: William O’Brien. Rider: Caroline Martin (USA) 32.9, 4, 0.0 = 36.9

7th Romans Code Red (ISH) [was PNP Heart Throb] – 2015 gelding by Womanizer (KWPN) out of Scoole Hill Clover (ISH) by Farney Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Noelle McGuane. Rider: Katie Lichten (USA) 36.9, 1.2, 0.0 = 38.1.

Preliminary Rider

2nd Toome Diamond Lad (ISH) [TIH][was Lowhill Toome Diamond] – 2010 gelding by Carrick Diamond Lad (ISH)[TIH] out of Toome Cruising Eezy (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Eugene McGinn. Rider: Molly Koch (USA) 34.5, 0, 6.8 = 41.3

4th Call the Law (ISH) [was Willows Bossman] – 2009 gelding by Jack of Diamonds (SWB) out of Amazon Cruise (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH].  Breeder: Thomas Jones (Cork). Rider: Charlotte Collis (USA) 44.1, 4.8, 6.0 = 54.9.

Open Modified

6th Sunnyvale Lass (ISH) – 2011 mare by Lancelot (KWPN) out of Clonkett Lady (ISH) by Tannenhofs Carmelito S (OLD). Breeder: John Wallace. Rider: Page Roy (USA) 33.1, 0, 0.0 = 33.1

7th Willbrook Brown Yeats (ISH)[TIH] – 2015 gelding by Yeats (ISH)[TIH] out of Willbrook Black Diamond (ISH)[TIH] by Colin Diamond (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Patrick Hurley. Rider: Zoe Crawford (USA) 34.3, 0, 0.0 = 34.3.


Rocking Horse Spring (USA). 7th – 9th April.

Open Intermediate

4th Carrabeg Hulla Balou (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Balou du Rouet (OLD) out of Vella Flavour (ISH)[TIH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Joe Howley, Co Mayo. Rider: Michael Nolan (IRL) 31.8, 9.2, 8.8 = 49.8.

Intermediate / Preliminary

1st Ballinagore Rock Quality (UNK) – 2008 mare OIO. Rider: Kimberly Begin (CAN) 35.2, 8, 0.0 = 43.2.

Intermediate Rider

4th Shirsheen Fun For All (ISH) [was Glynnwood Chelsea] – 2015 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of Chelsea (KWPN) by Tinka’s Boy (KWPN). Breeder: Peter Glynn (Galway). Rider: Michelle Mercier (USA) 29.2, 8.8, 12.8 = 50.8.

Open Preliminary

4th Cooley SOS (ISH) [was Emilions Courage, Killyglass Emilions Courage] – 2011  gelding by Emilion (KWPN) out of Dalways Courage (ISH) by Courage 11 (HOLST). Breeder: JV Primrose (Antrim). Rider: Samantha Tinney (USA) 29.0, 0, 2.8 = 31.8

7th Fernhill One Too Many (ISH) [was MBF One To Many] – 2015 gelding by Harlequin du Carel (SF) out of Garrouse (ISH) by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Valerie Fogarty. Rider: Anna Loschiavo (USA) 25.5, 8, 0.0 = 33.5.

Preliminary Horse

3rd Fernhill Intrigue (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Golden Master (TB)[IRL] out of Queen Victoriam OBS (ISH) by OBOS Quality (OLD). Breeder: Roberta Dowley. Rider: Joe Meyer (NZL) 31.6, 0, 0.0 = 31.6

5th Fernhill Galavant (ISH) [was Mulvin Gabriel] – 2017 gelding by Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) out of Mindoran ARD Polo (ISH) by ARD VDL Douglas (KWPN). Breeder: Richard JW Smyth. Rider: Michael Nolan (IRL) 30.5, 0, 7.6 = 38.1

8th Global BGK (ISH)[TIH] [was BGK Ditto] – 2015 gelding by Carrick Diamond Lad (ISH)[TIH] out of Shanbo Impel (ISH)[TIH] by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Shanbo Stud. Rider: Madeleine Richards (USA) 29.7, 4.8, 28.4 = 62.9.

Preliminary Rider

4th Dreamliner (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Don Diamond Girl (ISH)[TIH] by Glidawn Diamond (ID). Breeder: Cathal Lyons. Rider: Isabella Novak (USA) 31.3, 0, 11.0 = 42.3.

Open Modified A

3rd Ardeo Red Rover (ISH)[TIH] [was Lassban Farhaan Mist & Lassban Ardeo Red Rover] – 2013 gelding by Young Farhaan (TB)[IRL] out of Lassban Saffron Mist (ISH)[TIH] by Naldo (ID). Breeder: Messrs Maloney & Merrigan. Rider: Ainsley Hagen (USA) 32.3, 0, 0.0 = 32.3

4th Fernhill Thirty (ISH) [was MHS Thirty] – 2013 gelding by Quidam Junior I (KWPN) out of Royal Charter (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Ita Brennan. Rider: Maxine Preston (USA) 33.3, 0, 0.0 = 33.3

5th Cooley Seeking Fortune (ISH) [was Seeking Fortune] – 2013 gelding by Heritage Fortunus (HANN) out of Jade Des Cotes (SEF) by Veneur Du Marais (SF). Breeder: George McCullough. Rider: Holly Russell (USA) 31.0, 0, 2.8 = 33.8.

Open Modified B

3rd Ballygriffin Crossfield Cara (ISH) – 2017 mare by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Crossfield Lass (ISH) by High Roller (ISH). Breeder: Martin Crowley. Rider: Joe Meyer (NZL) 28.3, 0, 0.0 = 28.3

4th Shannondale Magnum (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BEWB) out of Mullentine Golden Cruz [ISH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Senan Canny (Clare). Rider: Chris Newton (USA) 29.0, 0, 0.0 = 29.0

8th Designer Fernhill (ISH) [was Fernhill Kilbunny] – 2014 gelding by Hermes de Reve (SF) out of Pleasant Star (TB) by Kasmayo (TB). Breeder: Gerald Allen. Rider: Eugenia Adams (USA) 33.0, 4, 0.0 = 37.0.


These results have been provided to Horse Sport Ireland by Charlie Ripman.