Junior Eventing April Training Times

  • 25 March 2015, 16:36

Please see times below for the Junior Eventing training taking place in Abbottstown on the 1st & 2nd of April.

Wednesday 1st April.
Dressage with Terry Boon
8.30 Adam Haugh
9.15 Arianne Finlay
10.00 Adam Haugh
10.45 Ella Boyle
11.30 Lucy Hancock
12.15 Dara Kieran
1.00 Niamh O’Carroll
1.45 Eva Melly
2.30 Isabelle Purcell
3.15 Holly Wray
4.00 Stephanie Stammschroer
4.45 Toni Quaile
5.30 Shannon Sheridan
6.15 Lucy Hancock
SJ with Tom Doherty
9.00 Nessa Briody, Lucy Hancock, Emma Kennedy, Dara Kieran, Niamh O’Carroll
10.15 Isabella Purcell, Holly Wray, Kate Gibney, Eva Melly, Stephanie Stammschroer
11.30 Nessa Briody, Tessa Harley, Adam Haugh, Robbie Kearns, Arianne Finlay
1.30 William Mackie, Conor Maguire, Lucy Hancock, Adam Haugh, Ella Boyle
2.45 Shannon Nelson, Lucy Lamont, Robbie Kearns, Toni Quaile,Shannon Sheridan
4.00 William Mackie, Conor Maguire, Joanne Corish, Anna Kelly, Shannon Nelson
Thursday 2nd April
Dressage with Terry Boon
8.00 William Mackie
8.45 Lucy Lamont
9.30 Robbie Kearns
10.15 Conor Maguire
11.00 William Mackie
11.45 Robbie Kearns
12.30 Conor Maguire
1.15 Anna Kelly
2.00 Kate Gibney
2.45 Emma Kennedy
3.30 Joanne Corish
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